June 16, 2022

10 Simple Mindset Hacks for Entreprenurs

By Emily Merrell

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and it requires a lot of discipline and mindset. I’m talking simple mindset hacks to keep the ball rolling to stay in the game. 

  1. Embrace Failure 

Failure isn’t the dirty word we think it is. Failure is actually just a teachable moment and as an entrepreneur it’s an opportunity to look at what didn’t work and re-evaluate your next steps. Failure is also the stepping stones to success, if you don’t fail you don’t grow. 

  1. Consistency is key

You can send one email and hope you get that client but it’s about sending consistent emails and marketing to really move the needle on your business. It’s important to train your customer to anticipate your email and marketing materials. Get your message out there, consistently. 

  1. Be excited to sell 

Selling isn’t slimy nor does it have to be. Rather, think of selling as an opportunity to invite someone in. By selling, you’re letting people know you’re open for business and have an offer to share. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to push through the fear of selling and to “sell” with confidence and enthusiasm. 

  1. Stay in your zone of genius 

Batch your work. Work on one type of work at a time to stay in the flow of work and maximize your concentration. That means turning off notifications for other work and setting a time and space to focus on the task at hand. 

  1. Treat your business like a client

It’s so easy to work on everyone else’s business and prioritize your clients but remember to treat your business like a client and give it the attention, time and dedication you would a client. That means carving out time and space for your business. Typically Mondays and Fridays are great calibration days. 

  1. Focus on your grass 

While it’s tempting to see what others are doing in their business, on social media, or in their lives, focus on your own progress and what’s working for you. 

  1. Work on money making tasks 

There is a laundry list of things you “have to do” but what are the tasks that are most likely to make you money. Focus on those first and foremost. 

  1. Learn to delegate 

The tasks that aren’t money making are the ones that can be delegated. Learn to delegate intentionally and outsource the tasks that take up your time and you don’t know how to do. 

  1. Expect the unexpected 

It might feel like things never go according to plan but anticipate it. It never will be perfect, pad your bank account, surround yourself with smart people, find a wonderful accountant, stay organized and you’ll be fine. 

  1. Acknowledge your successes

As an entrepreneur it’s easy to breeze past your successes and move on to the next one. Give yourself time, space and energy to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished as an entrepreneur. 

While there are thousands of hacks for entrepreneurs, find the ones that work for you! Also check out my podcast on lessons I wish I had known before starting my business and some tricks to stay motivated as a founder here

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