Everyday She’s Hustling: Meet Katie Corcoran The Expert In Achieving Balance In The Hustle

This past year Katie Corcoran turned over a new leaf by quitting her job, writing a self-published book and coaching others in health and wellness. She is a master hustler and has advice for others who want to learn how to thrive in your hustle. Also, make sure to check out her new book She Makes it Work: A DIY Guide to Thrive in Your Hustle. You can also meet Katie and get a signed copy of the book at the next City Society Event on Monday, November 23rd at Spin NYC. Grab your tickets here

1. You recently left your corporate job to pursue life coaching full time. Do you have any advice for people who are nervous to make that leap? 

Absolutely! First and foremost, you are not alone. Taking the jump really should be a calculated and a well thought-out decision. However, I definitely feel the struggle when feeling so drawn to head in a complete opposite direction than the one you’re in. That said, my number one piece of advice is to learn how to really be honest with yourself. If you are ready (and believe me, I am a full supporter in the “jump”) then you will make “it” happen for you. Being an entrepreneur means being resilient and remaining true to you. It’s a daily process and you have to be open to the incredible twists and turns. 

2. What inspires you when helping others? Do you have a personal mantra you follow to stay positive? 

I am inspired by people daily. I am a huge podcast listener and am intrigued by stories from other people just “doing them.” As much as I look up to successful business owners and infamous leaders in my space, I am almost more intrigued by the raw, realness that exists when those who aren’t as publicly known share their true stories. When you are building a business, there’s a reputation and brand you have to publicly “protect,” so hearing a true, genuine story from a stranger really helps remind me that “I am Katie” outside of my business. That keeps me positive and thriving daily. A

3. If you were to meet 21 year old Katie and offer her career advice, what would you tell her?

Wow, this is an emotional one. I would honestly say to my 21-year-old self to just own being you and own your interests. I call it having a “coming out party to you.” This sounds cliche, but life is honestly just too short to spend it trying to be something that doesn’t feel right to you. I find it’s not often the dream that holds us back, it’s the intimidation about the process of how long or what needs to happen to get there that make us feel “stuck.” 

4. Congratulations on your debut book! Through your interviews did you find common themes of all the lady hustlers out there? 

Thank you for the support. Oh yes, there are many commonalities of “do it all”-types out there (aka the Lady Hustlers). They are generally quite curious, resilient, don’t take no for an answer and utilize wellness and productivity tools to Thrive in Their Hustle. The book dives deeper into each main commonality and I really enjoyed diving into the common interests of these impressive women! 

5. What’s next for you? How do you plan on growing your business? 

Well, the great thing is the sky is really the limit from here. Growing this business will certainly take time and doing so requires hustle to make it all work (so I also work part-time at SoulCycle), but I have lined up a book PR push to come to fruition these next few months including speaking engagements, blog interviews, guest blogging, a new podcast that’s going on behind the scenes and, of course, Lifestyle Coaching for the stressed girl on the go to achieve more balance. 


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