Whipping Up Tasty Treats: Meet Marisol Morley, Founder of Tiny Kitchen Treats

Marisol Morley is the owner and creator of Tiny Kitchen Treats. Her business card is a tiny little edible whisk with a tag line that sums up all she does “whipping up bright ideas”. It’s easy to loose track of time scrolling through her humorous instagram posts and cookies so pretty they deserve a frame. 

Marisol herself is a spunky lady. She has this infectious energy about her that makes you feel like a kid on the last day of school eager to play and do kid stuff. In the past year she has whipped up quite a fan base by making custom, hand painted cookies. Learn more about this cookiepreneur below. 

1. Just 5 months ago you had a few hundred followers to over 10,000 followers. What changed and how did you grow your following? 

Actually, Tiny Kitchen Treats only started 7 months ago and at that time I had no clue how to grow a social media account. I had never really cared about having a lot of followers. I think my personal one has 300 or something like that, but of course this was my business and I had to care! To be honest, the most important thing is having content people want to see and then it’s a mix between that great shot, a witty or personal caption, and then what you actually helped me with at first- tagging the right accounts in hopes that they will share your work and direct some traffic in your direction. The rest I attribute to a lot of hustle and being a real person. I take interest in my followers lives and try to always reply to questions and comments.

2. Let’s talk balance. You use to work a full time job, you have an adorable husband and you put your heart and soul into your cookies. How do you find time for balance and what’s your select for living a life that makes you excited for each day? 

There really isn’t any balance right now. I think that’s a nice thing to talk about, but, to me, when you’re growing a business- it has to be the most important thing in your life. That being said, I have had a slightly more balanced life since leaving my 9-5 job. Those 5 months were insane. I barely slept or ate. Every waking moment was consumed, because I had two full time jobs. Now I wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, make coffee, answer emails, make dough, ice cookies, maybe have a meeting or a call and then I have dinner with my team and we plan out the coming week/day’s work. I know I’ve lost some friends because of Tiny Kitchen Treats, but honestly I’m okay with it, because I think it tests your relationships- only the strong ones survive and I’m okay with that. 

3. Ms. Morley you have worn many different hats from pop-singer, finance assistant and now a food artist, when did you discover each talent and what’s next?

HA! I really have worn a lot of hats. I think the talents you have as a kid are the ones that you have as an adult. It just takes time to be confident enough in your abilities to say- I can do this for a living. Like I knew I could sing when I was pretty young and I’ve never been afraid of a challenge or the spotlight. I was a performer at 5 years old. I don’t think that can be taught, ya know? And as for food artist, well I’ve always been really into baking and food so it’s sort of been a natural transition. One I never expected in 100 million year, but one that, looking back, makes complete sense. Up next is 100k followers and building a cookie empire. We are looking into commercial kitchens for 2016 and we will take this new year to really learn and grind our ideas and then by 2017 it ill be time for a flagship storefront in NYC!

4. Do you have a favorite cookie to make and why? 

I really don’t have a favorite cookie to make. I like a challenge so anytime it’s something I haven’t done before it’s a bit more exciting. I guess you could say that making my own designs is the most fun for me. Of course, we are appreciative of every order, but it’ the ones where I have total creative license that I really get to spread my creative wings and that’s always the most fun.

5. You are now working with incredible fashion brands and individuals how has your instagram fame affected you both good and bad?

Yeah, I’ve been really blessed to have had a lot of help early on through friends who work at amazing companies and then their referrals to other companies- it gives you a lot of street cred and an impressive portfolio too of course. People can check out my IG and see that I’ve done work for Intermix, Mark Ryden, Verizon and it really does make you  a credible brand. I think they can also see that the growth is there. Social media started out as a sort of pastime, but it definitely carries marketing weight and packs a mean punch if you do it right. 

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