New Year, New Career: Meet the NYC Based Career Expert Jaime Petkanics Founder of The Prepary

Jaime Petkanics is the best of the best. Sure, you can call me biased. Since she did hire me back in the day at Tory Burch. Petkanics has since left her role in the HR world to help others land their dream jobs through her business the Prepary.  Through career bootcamps and tailored  one-on-one career advice, Petkanics is your go to expert in getting the preparation you need for that next career move. With her services  you will learn how to fine-tune your resume, maximize your LinkedIn profile and get the tools and guidance one can only dream of. Check out her journey from a full time to being an entrepreneur and the advice she has for job seekers. 

1. Can you tell me a bit about the meaning of the name the Prepary?

One of my core beliefs about the job search is that there are so many things that are actually within the job seeker’s control. A job search or an interview can be prepared for much like a test… and the more you prepare and are strategic about the process, the better the results will be! I knew I wanted to put that concept into the name of my business and so the abbreviation PREP is front and center. I think of “Prepary” as the act of preparing… though it’s definitely a made up word!

2. As a job search expert what do you find the biggest challenges clients face? How do you help people tackle them? 

Most clients come to me with one of two challenges. The first is that they’re applying to lots of jobs and they’re not hearing back. In that case, we tackle polishing up all of the application materials and then implement some super effective networking tactics so those materials are actually seen. This helps people escape that dreaded resume black hole!

The second common challenge I see people face is that they’re not able to effectively sell themselves. The whole job search process is really about telling your story in a compelling, confident, and relevant way. I love helping clients get focused on their goals and helping them to connect the dots from their education, experience, and skills to what they want to do next.

3. You left your full time job at Tory Burch to pursue The Prepary. What has been the biggest struggle of being your own boss? 

Focusing! I constantly have new business ideas that I want to explore and test out but as a team of one, I need to accept that there are only so many hours in a day and concepts that can be part of the business. Making sure I am spending my time wisely is something I struggle with but am very aware of too!

4. Can you share some advice for readers interested in switching industries? How can they get their foot in the door?

I actually just wrote a post on this that has some good advice on this topic. The basic premise is that if you’re switching industries, it’s good to stay in your functional area… and if you want to switch your functional area, do so within the industry you’re in (and maybe even the company you’re at if they promote mobility!) Switching both things at once is fine and can be done, but it probably means you’re going to have to take a pay cut, lower title/level of responsibility, or both.

5. Where do you envision your company growing in the next 5 years? 

Over the next 5 years I hope to be able to work with many more clients to help them achieve their job search goals and continue to share great advice on this topic through writing, workshops, and online programs. 


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