Hostess With the Mostess: Meet Amanda Gluck, The Visionary Behind the Blog Fashionable Hostess

 Fashionable Hostess, Amanda Gluck 

Fashionable Hostess, Amanda Gluck 

One of my biggest struggles living in NYC is figuring out  how to entertain people in my teeny apartment without compromising the quality of their experience. It can be challenging hosting dinner parties when you lack a dinner table and your oven was intended for keebler elves. However, there are blogs and instagram accounts, like Fashionable Hostess, that offer inspiration that one day a dinner party (with chairs for everyone) will happen. Until that moment, I muse about my future dream life and admire Amanda Gluck’s eye for decor and ability to make everything look chic AF.

1. Your blog, Fashionable Hostess, gives me hope that one day I too can host beautiful dinner parties. What inspired you to share pictures of your table settings and how did you get to where you are now?

It all started when I got engaged. I started hosting little wine and cheese parties for my friends with my new registry glassware and my friends would ohhh and ahhh over things and asked “where did you get this” or “do you love this” or “should I get this?!” I thought it would be easier to start writing a blog so I could answer all these questions and send them the posts. From there I realized I loved creating these posts so much that it evolved into full dinner parties, cocktails, recipes and more! Eventually as years passed I started to include how I was decorating my new apartments (and then home) so really it was a very natural shift. I love what Fashionable Hostess has become!

2. You’re a mom, a wife and a full-time blogger. How do you maintain a sense of balance in your life?

It is not easy and I don’t sleep much, that’s for sure! I try to make myself a schedule for each week so I know what hours will be spent working and what time will be spent mommy-ing and what time will be spent being a wife/friend! Some weeks, especially ones with photo shoots are much busier work weeks, and then some weeks are major mommy weeks, with new after-school activities, playdates, and park adventures. I am incredibly lucky though because my kids are really great and my husband is the best dad out there.

3. As a Miami based blogger, what are the biggest advantages of being outside of NYC.

I only recently moved to Miami so I am only just getting to know the culture. To be honest I think most advantages take place in NYC because that is where most of the companies are based so you can constantly be networking, attending events and more!

4. Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs? Anything you wish you had known pre-business owner?

My two pieces of advice are : 1. Make your website professional. Even if it means selecting a clean WordPress template, make it attractive and easy to navigate. Remember good photos are crucial so if necessary splurge on a photographer! 2. Separate your business and personal account on your social media. No need to post pictures of your kids or parties you attended on your work account. Rather make your work account simply about your business (unless your kids are your business of course!).

5. What are your favorite types of parties to host?

My favorite parties to host are the more intimate dinners of 8 – 10 guests where we can sit around the dining table for hours, conversation and wine flowing. There’s nothing better than entertaining at home.


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