That’s What She Said: Meet Amber Davis, Founder of Nice Package

 Amber Davis, Founder of Nice Package 

Amber Davis, Founder of Nice Package 

Meet Amber Davis, the founder of Nice Package an event production company that offers bespoke event packages and web revamps for the NYC area. Davis, a fairly recent transplant from Atlanta shares her experience transitioning cities and cruising into NYC life. Davis works with some incredibly unique vendors big and small, so remember to always compliment the package. 

1. I love the name “Nice Package” can you tell us more about how you came up with the concept and what exactly you offer? 

Thank you! I love a good play on words – must be the writer in me – and I wanted to come up with a name that was memorable, and hopefully made people smile. NP the lovechild of my years in events, editorial and PR – I do everything from planning events (packages), to website revamps. The tie-in for all of my projects, is that customization is key – it’s fun to work with a client, and figure out their voice for editorial, of favorite places to go when planning their event, and then make something that they love. The concept came out of planning my sister’s bachelorette party when I first moved here, and trying to come up with a weekend that was fun, but also felt like her style – we’re not the feather boa / party bus type, and it was important to me to tailor the celebration accordingly. 

2. What are some of your favorite brands and venues you’ve worked with? How do you discover these connections? 

Some of my favorites include the Artful BacheloretteThe Love Shack in Brooklyn,The Sill, Owl’s Brew and Chef Zoe Maya, to name a few.  It’s fun for me to research brands that are are doing something special and unique, so I’ve definitely done some cold emails before, but also get great recommendations from friends and other creatives that often lead me to my next connection. 

3. You moved to NYC a few years ago from Atlanta. How was it transitioning to NYC living and do you have any tips for future transplants? 

It was relatively easy for me, because I’d lived here for a summer in college interning and my older sister and her (now) husband were here to ease me into the city. That said, I think that the NYC move still takes some planning, and effort once you get here. I dove in with networking events, like the ones that Six Degrees Society hosts, and joined the NYC Lady Project to start feeling connected to my new home – there are so many great organizations in the city, and I recommend looking into the ones that speak to your interests to help with the transition. Also, invest in a warm coat! 

4. What’s been the best part of being a business owner and what have been your biggest challenges? 

I’ve enjoyed the autonomy that comes with creating something myself. It’s also been a great way to connect with some great people and places – my interview series has been especially inspiring, as I get to learn about some of the creatives that I admire. Like anything new, there’s certainly a learning curve, and I’m still fine-tuning my process, but stepping outside of my comfort zone has been incredibly rewarding. 

5. Where do you see yourself and your business in the next 5 years?

I want to keep growing NP as a vehicle to highlight indie brands and inspiring makers, whether through events, an interview or helping them create a new website. I’ve already learned so much in creating my own business, and love the opportunity to share anything that’s been helpful to me with someone else. In 5 years, I’d like to establish NP as a place where people go to learn about a new line or restaurant (and the person behind it), pick up tips on throwing a killer party, and just walk (or click) away feeling inspired. 

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