Click The Like Button, Meet Pamela Goldberg, Founder of PRG Wellness

 Pamela Goldberg, Founder of PRG Wellness  

Pamela Goldberg, Founder of PRG Wellness  

Pamela is one of those women that you meet and think she has it all figured out. She’s calm, cool, sexy and sophisticated and then you figure out her age. Age is just a number but she’s much wiser beyond her years and leaves you scribbling with notes on ways to make your social media matter. I don’t know how she knows it or does it but she impresses you to the core. I personally feel so removed from social media and am learning as I go and love learning from the founder of PRG Wellness a social media consulting company. On July 20th in NYC Pamela will guide us on the journey of social media 101 and teach us what it means to use that ghost app. 

1. Tell me about the origin of PRG Wellness? What inspired you to become a health coach and to help other health focused businesses achieve success in marketing their business? 

I started PRG Wellness because I believe that every person has the right to feel amazing in their mind/body. Too often as women we are told that not feeling our best (even around that time of the month) is normal, well guess what, It’s Not! When symptoms arise this is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. At the age of 18 I had my own health take a turn and I has able to get back to balance with some changes in my diet, lifestyle and most importantly with the right SUPPORT. 

I started PRG Wellness to support amazing women in healing themselves and getting to a place where they feel amazing! Since starting my business just 6 months ago, a shift happened in the kind of clients I was attracting and I went with it. Now, I both work with clients as a health coach and I also work with other fitness and health professionals to support their businesses through custom social media strategy and website development. 

2. When did you realize you had a knack for social media? I’ve seen you behind the camera and you have a real eye. What do you like the most about the behind the scenes aspect?

This shift happened when I met Laura Kovall the founder of The Fit Co. NYC, she has a wonderful boutique fitness studio in midtown Manhattan, I was inspired by her workouts and the community she was creating and wanted to help spread the word. Laura, like so many wellness professionals, is amazing at what she does but struggles with effective marketing. I have always had a knack for strategy, and had been growing my own Instagram presence for some time. I pitched her my ideas and she became my first social media client!

3. How are you applying what you studied in college to your real life? 

I dropped out of college 6 months ago to start my business. After I graduated from my health coaching program from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in December 2015.  College was a great experience for me however, I knew in my gut it was time to start taking action on my goals. I am currently studying code through Code Academy at night, and am learning so much from my clients. Not to mention, I have incredible mentors who support me and often respond to my emails much faster than my college professors had ;). 

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? What’s your biggest challenge? 

I feel that my biggest accomplishment has been finding the self trust to go for it! I definitely wasn’t ready to start my own company at 22, but that’s the point, no one is ever ready. Just taking action, just starting, has been my biggest accomplishment. 

Not doing work for free has been my biggest challenge. I love what I do and I feel it should be accessible to everyone so I have done a lot for free in the past. But what I have learned is that whether I get paid in dollars, or barter goods or services, it is extremely important that the value exchange is two sided. 

5. How do you see you and your business growing in the next 5 years? 

In the next five years I see myself surrounded by good people and good food, because that’s what life is all about for me.  In terms of my company I see PRG Wellness moving in a more technical direction building efficient technologies that solve many problems health and fitness professionals have in their businesses. 

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