The Ultimate Connector: Meet Lindsay Howard, Chicago’s Six Degrees Society Ambassador

Back in November of 2015 I received a life altering Facebook message from Lindsay Howard, an old Denison friend of mine. It had been years since we’d connected and crossed paths but in the middle of a chaotic work day I received Lindsay’s message. Lindsay sent me a message commenting on a blog post I had recently posted featuring one of my favorite lady hustlers. Lindsay Howard, who is based in Chicago, wanted to help me launch the first chapter of Six Degrees Society in Chicago. It was her message that helped me understand that other cities could benefit from our services and shifted my perspective from a “hobby” to a business and it’s in part to her that our Ambassador Program was developed. 

Lindsay somehow does it all, from charity leagues to clubs she’s one of those ladies that knows everyone and does a great job of being present for everyone in her life while still working a full-time job and studying for the GMAT. I’m so grateful for Lindsay in my life and if you haven’t had the chance to meet her, do yourself a favor and reach and introduce yourself or say hi at our next event! 

1. Lindsay you’re the ultimate connector having been a part in several Chicago organization, working full-time at DigitasLbi and studying for the GMAT. How do you find balance in your life? 

Recently got a new job at a smaller agency after 4+ years at Digitas. Balance is always a challenge but because I try to surround myself with things that bring out the best in me and make me happy, it makes it so much easier to prioritize. I always have to remind myself that I can’t do everything I might want to do but I can at least try. 

2. Back in November you reached out to me to launch Six Degrees Society in Chicago, it’s thanks to you that we now have an official Ambassador program. What prompted you to reach out and be a part of the SDS team?  What does being a part of SDS mean to you? 

Great question!  I was amazed and intrigued when I saw on Facebook that you (Emily) were being interviewed or featured based on an event that you had put together.  I couldn’t help myself so I reached out not only as support for a friend and fellow Denisonian, but I also because it sounded exactly what I had been searching for in Chicago.  I had tried a few other groups in Chicago but felt that so many were so cliquey and I was looking for a way to build new friendships and connections, both personally and professionally.  From there, it was obvious that you and I had some similar goals etc and the need in the market.

3. What are three things you love the most about Chicago?

I love love love the lakefront path in the summer which makes winter worth pushing through, Chicago sports and the loyal fans and I think we have some of the best restaurants in the country.

4. After brutal Chicago winters, what’s your ultimate vacation? 

Right now, the majority of my vacations include a trip to visit my parents at their new home in San Diego.  The next big trip on my bucket list is Thailand.

5. If you had to impart career and life advice to a college graduate, what would you tell him/her?

Try to avoid the pressure of having to know exactly what you want to do or the career path that you will be in for the rest of your life.  Experience is really what is key and those experiences will help to shape what the future holds!

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