September 24, 2016

Good Hair, Yes Please: Meet Alanna Gregory, Founder of Vive

 Alanna Gregory, Founder of Vive
Alanna Gregory, Founder of Vive

Have you ever had a day where you went straight to work with wet hair and a decent outfit only to find out you are invited to the event of the year that night? After assessing your dress you know you can put on some heels and make it work, but what you about your hair? Your office is blocks from a blow out focused bar and you only have 30 minutes. Enter, Vive.

Vive is an app that lets you make on-demand appointments at hair salons nearby for competitive prices ($33/blowout on the lowest 3 package plan)!!!! 

Meet Alanna Gregory, founder of Vive and finance professional turned entrepreneur who has grown her on-demand company to service those living in NYC, the Hamptons, Chicago and they just launched LA! 

We are thrilled to be partnering with Vive in conjunction with their LA launch with one of their salons, GLAM Beverly Hills, for a Hairstyling & Headshots event on Monday, September 26th. 

In the meantime, check out our interview with Alanna and how she was able to take a simple problem she faced in her life and turn it into a game changing tool. 

1. Alanna, as a former Finance professional you created Vive, an app that allows you to make on-demand appointments at hair salons nearby. What inspired you to create Vive? 

Out of my personal experiences! Personally, I never feel fully dressed without a blowout. When I was working on Wall Street, a simple blowout was a game-changer in my confidence on the trading floor or at an important meeting. Yet, I had a hard time booking beauty appointments, particularly last-minute when my schedule was often in flux. I wanted to create an easy way for women to not only conveniently, and reliably book appointments, but to also look and feel their best each and every day. 

2. What has been your biggest “pinch” me moment since launching Vive? 

The very first time someone told me they heard about Vive before, knew someone who has used the service, or had used it themselves! It’s incredibly gratifying to be building a consumer business that truly touches thousands of women.

3. You are currently in NYC, Chicago and LA where do you envision your business growing in the next 5 years? 

Our vision as a company is to be the beauty button on a woman’s phone. We know she has a go-to for transportation (Uber); eating out (Opentable); eating in (Seamless/Grubhub), etc. We want to be her go-to for beauty services. We’ve started small with blowouts, and over time, would love to add additional services that are important to our customer to suit her needs. 

4. As a women entrepreneur, what’s been the best thing about being your own boss? What’s been the most challenging?

The best thing is getting to work on a variety of complex problems and flexing my toolkit to whatever the business needs may be: sales, marketing, operations, etc, and to be constantly learning new things, and working with a lot of amazingly smart and talented people. The most challenging is, on the flip side, managing a rapidly changing environment accordingly! 

5. In sticking to the blowout theme, what does getting your hair done mean to you? 

Feeling polished and presentable! 

Make sure to follow Vive on Instagram at @Vive

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