The Ultimate Yes Girl: Meet Reese Evans, Founder of yes supply

 Reese Evans of Yes Supply

Reese Evans of Yes Supply

There are some friendships that start in grade school and there are some friendships that start over email. For Reese and me it’s the latter. Reese and I were introduced through Elana Gross, a NYC powerhouse and writer of the blog Elana Lyn. For months Reese and I played email ping pong asking each other where we were in the world but never proactively taking the time to jump on a call or skype. One day, something changed and Reese emailed me with intention suggesting we do a webinar together. From the webinar we would have late night phone calls discussing our fears and excitement of being an entrepreneur but mostly it was an unbiased sound board. Long story short, after a successful webinar together on Yes Supply we decided to take the relationship one step further and have her visit NYC!

Reese Evans is the Founder of Yes Supply based out of Toronto and is one of the most positive and inspiring and PUT TOGETHER ladies I’ve met. I’m thrilled to have her visit NYC and share her wisdom on Mastering Your Yes! Learn more about Reese in the interview below and join us on November 15th for an in-person event at Coworkrs and Facebook Live! 

1. What is Yes Supply and why do I need it in my life? 

I created Yes Supply out of the frustration of knowing where I wanted to be, but not knowing how to get there. I knew I wasn’t the only one with career aspirations, who was confused about how to make my goals a reality. I knew I wasn’t the only one who was frustrated with the lack of mentorship for women, and transparency and guidance from those who have created a life they love for those who are just starting out.

I created the yes supply collective as a online community for creative, ambitious females where they can get answers to the questions they have on how to feel empowered to choose the direction for their life, pick the perfect business idea out of what they love, get access to mentors who answer the real questions they have about navigating life of creative work, and also daily motivation and help with mindset. Because you have to believe that you deserve a life you truly love and you can create it, before you go ahead and make it happen.

Yes Supply is a mindset. It’s a way to live your life. It’s girlpower.

It’s knowing what you want- and then going out there and asking for it until you get it.

Any woman who is ambitious and willing to put in the work can create her yes supply life.

My mission is support and enable females so can have the information they need to create a life where they are happy with the work they do, feel confident being exactly who they are, and can get support from a community who understands them. 

2. What pushed you to make the leap to create your own business? Could you go back? 

I came up with the idea for 2 years ago. But I’m such a perfectionist and I can be pretty self-conscious, so I kept this secret project to myself for a long time. As women, we’re brought up with this idea that we have to be perfect, do everything perfect, look perfect. We’re bombarded with marketing that makes us feel like we just have to buy that tube of mascara, or lose that last 5 pounds to be perfect. I’ve realized that perfect does not exist. It’s that unattainable feeling perfect that were constantly searching for that makes us stuck. That we’re just on the cusp but we’re never quite there.

And of course, you can’t launch a new product, business, or ANYTHING and it be ‘perfect’. Right? It HAS to be a work in progress. 

This is where so many people get stuck. They get stuck in the ‘trying to make it perfect’ phase. And then they give up. They stop.

I always wonder how many amazing ideas could have been created but have died because the girl or guy who came up with it was too shy or scared to put it out there.

So I created yes supply as a hobby I was really passionate about, and feel so in love with it and was seeing such an impact in people, I knew I needed to find a way to dedicate everything I could to it.

The thoughts of the impact I’ve made, the people in my collective who are overcoming their lack of confidence, improving their depression, launching their blogs and businesses, and are creating something that makes them SO happy is my obsession. 

I could never go back. And to be honest, I haven’t created a plan B. I’ve always been that person who can see the potential in people that can’t see in themselves. That’s what I’m meant to do. I need to continue to make an impact with yes supply as my platform.

3. As a leader and builder of community what’s been your biggest win so far? 

It’s the feedback I get from my community. We’re a collective. We’re all helping each other move forward with creating a life we love where we get to do work we’re truly passionate about.

My wins are when the girls in the collective tell me that the daily motivation letters I send in the form of “Good Morning Beautiful” emails (link to has helped them with depression, helped them reject other people’s standards of beauty or acting a certain way, and go after what they really want. That makes my heart full.

Just the other day, a member of the collective said that a masterclass we created on bravery helped her gain the courage to contact the head of her organization and make serious changes in the way that a specific group of people are being treated unfairly, and being separated from their families. I can’t get too much into detail on the topic, but knowing that what I do has a ripple effect and affects more than just the people I personally work with reminds me that following my passion is the only thing I can ever do. 

We live in such a culture where all we do is consume other people’s lives instead of truly living our own to the fullest. My wins are when something I say or do inspires someone to take control of their life and create what they want for themselves.

4. Where do you see yes supply in the next 5 years? 

yes supply is an extension of me. I want to keep doing exactly what I’m doing and empowering people to believe that if they create a focus and take action, they can build a life they love. 

5. What advice and learnings do you have to the 21 year old version of Reese? 

You have so many great ideas. Be brave enough to share them with the world. There is no concrete roadmap to your ‘yes’ and that’s the best part because you get to create your own. Enjoy the friggin journey.`     

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