Keeping it Uniform: Meet Olivia Fay Founder of Rallier

 Olivia Fay, Founder of Rallier

Olivia Fay, Founder of Rallier

Olivia Fay saw a problem in the world and went about solving it in the chicest way possible. Fay is the Founder of RALLIER, an innovative womenswear label that through uniform dressing and design offers actual girls school uniforms. Still a young business, they have been written up in Forbes, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire and HarpersBazaar to name a few. Learn more about the product and how you too can shop it. 

1. What is RALLIER and how did you come up with the name?

RALLIER is a womenswear label inspired by modern uniform dressing that supports girls’ education by donating school uniforms.  RALLIER comes from the verb “rally,” which means to bring or come together for a common purpose.

2. Having worked in PR for the majority of your career, what inspired the creation of RALLIER?

I started RALLIER after discovering that the cost of a school uniform was keeping girls around the world out of school.  Having worked in the fashion industry for several years (before RALLIER I worked in-house for brands such as Prada and Cartier), it struck me that lack of access to a piece of clothing could have such a material effect on someone’s outcome.  At the same time, I think we can all relate to the influence that clothing has on where and how we decide to show up in
our lives.  In a way, we’ve all created uniforms for ourselves based on our own personalities, needs and desires.  In conceptualizing RALLIER, I was deeply inspired by this notion of modern uniform
dressing as a vehicle for women to define their presence on their own terms.

3. Can you tell us more about the design of the dresses? How often will the line refresh its product?

To me, design should make you feel something.  I have always been drawn to the story behind a design.  One of the first design decisions I made for RALLIER was creating our signature check print.  The print represents a modern, unkept interpretation of the linear gingham prints that are often found on traditional school uniforms.  I love how the fabric visually nods to our giving program in such a design-driven way.  In terms of silhouette, I lean towards shapes that
feel untethered to trends and time.  We currently release two collections a year: one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. However, we don’t operate on the traditional fashion calendar and think of seasons more in terms of release dates than in terms of

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

We launched sales on February 9th this year. By midnight that night we had achieved 50% of our monthly sales goal. It was a quiet moment between myself and my team, but it was our earliest signal that we were onto something tangible.

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