Extra Credit : Meet Emily DeBarbieri, Six Degrees Society’s Intern

We all remember our first internship and for us, we remember our first intern. Emily was our first intern at Six Degrees Society over the summer of 2016 and we’ve never been more excited to have an intern on our team nor have we been more appreciative. Emily was vital in creating events, bios, social media strategy and more. Read on for her take on networking at the college level. 

1. As a college student how has Six Degrees Society influenced the way you look at networking? 

I think networking is a very intimidating concept as a college student. Whenever I would get emails about networking events on my campus, I would want to go because I knew it would be beneficial, but would be too scared at the thought of awkwardly standing in the corner or on the peripheral of someone else’s conversation. I also worried a lot about the conversation itself being too business centered and feeling too much like a personal interaction disguised as a business pitch. When I joined the Six Degrees Society team and attended my first event I was still pretty nervous, but the structure of the event made me way more at ease! Having information about the people I was going to be meeting that night made me feel more comfortable and confident that the conversation would be more natural. SDS provided me with more confidence when networking with other people because I realized that networking doesn’t have to be all about careers, goals and business and that it’s perfectly fine to talk about your hobbies or your favorite restaurants or your pets. Now I feel like I approach the idea of networking in a genuine way. I go into networking events knowing that you can gain much more from a person than their business card. You can gain a friendship, business connection or just learn something from another person you’re networking with. To me that makes the connection way more meaningful and makes me feel more comfortable when reaching back out to people I meet at events!

2. What’s your biggest concern when job searching? 

One of my biggest concerns is definitely the abyss of the online application. Sometimes I feel like it’s extremely hard to convey the person I am and the skills that I have in my resume and when you submit an online application that’s all that the person viewing it can see. Also, I feel like a lot of people older than me talk about how hard it is to find a job right out of college which also adds some anxiety to the job search process. 

3. What drew you to work for Six Degrees Society? 

The easiest answer is Emily Merrell, the networking queen! When I heard about the organization I thought it was an incredibly interesting and dynamic idea that I knew I would be able to immerse myself in. So, I knew that I would actually enjoy working towards making Six Degrees Society work! I think after meeting Emily I got to see how so much of who she is influences SDS which made me want to work there even more.

4. As a Junior studying abroad, what are you most hoping to achieve out of the experience? 

So I’ve been in Madrid for about three weeks now and am loving it! I’m hoping to be able to meet a lot of new people from Spain and other places across the globe. At home I get very comfortable with my friends and sometimes it stops me from branching out and meeting new people so I’m hoping to break out of my comfort zone and make some friends from different places! I’m also hoping to eat as much tortilla Española and patatas bravas that I can.

5. How do you think a college student could benefit from networking?

College students have so much to benefit from networking. I think that if college aged students look at networking not only as a way to get someone’s business card then they will be able to gain a lot more! I think one of the most important parts of networking for college students is being able to get advice from people who have gone through the beginning stages of job searching and landing internships. Also getting advice from people who are in the industry you want to work in could always lead to a professional connection. I think another underrated concept is networking with other college students! It’s always a good feeling when I can talk to other students about my career journey and goals! It really does help to talk about obstacles we may be facing or share successes we’ve had!

Interested in Interning at Six Degrees Society? Contact Emily@SixDegreesSociety.Com to apply.  

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