The Best Coffee Shops in NYC for Digital Nomads

By: Alexa Gavin

A lot of us have become digital nomads, wandering from coffee shop to coffee shop to get down to business. However, there is nothing more disappointing than going to a perfectly quaint and aromatic coffeeshop only to realize that there are no more seats left! Here, I tell you my favorite coffee shops in NYC that manage to be as cozy as Grandma’s kitchen but bigger than Carrie Bradshaw’s closet.

Spreadhouse – Lower East Side

Swings? Treehouse? Did I just time warp to my inner 8 year old’s dream backyard? No, it’s Spreadhouse, an adorable spot in the Lower East Side. Spreadhouse is the ultimate spot for when you’re looking for a chill vibe. With high ceilings and floor cushions, you can cozy on up and just bang out that overdue blog post you’ve been meaning to work on. If you feel like you need to change it up, just grab your latte and mozy on over to the swings to let loose while you work.

Freehold – Williamsburg

Freehold is one of my personal favorites because it really is a one stop shop. Freehold has everything—coffee, delicious food, a bar, a backyard, and games. Your coffee meeting at Freehold went well? Then go and hit up the bar and celebrate! Nothing seemed to go right today and you’re drowning in e-mails? Go unwind with some duck hunter. It’s Friday and you’re ready to let loose? Have your friends meet you for Freehold’s DJ series. Since you’re already there you can post up and avoid waiting in that late night line. Although, it sounds like Freehold has a lot going on, to the point that it might get a bit too distracting, there are so many spots you can really sit and zone out during the day.

Whynot Coffee – Lower East Side

Whynot Coffee is one of the best places to plug in and zone out. Especially, if your spirit animal is Joey Tribbiani, in that “Joey doesn’t share.” Whynot coffee has a lovely row of individual seating, eliminating the chances of you getting stuck sharing a table with an annoyingly chatty person who has forgotten what the term “indoor voices” means. Also, Whynot definitely knows the nomad struggle and provides an amazing amount of outlets. So, no worries on having to play musical chairs to find an outlet when you’re low on juice. However, word to the wise, the secret is out on this joint, so if you’re an early bird this is the spot for you.

Greecologies – Little Italy

Greecologies isn’t your conventional coffee shop considering its specialty is actually greek yogurt bowls. However, this place is roomy and serves up a mean latte. So, you will certainly be well caffeinated and well fed while you work here.  Also, did I mention that in the summer they have outdoor seating in the back? You can work on your tan and your actual work!

Black Cat  – Lower East Side

Black Cat calls itself your “public living room” and that is exactly what it feels like. Black Cat is filled with eclectic furniture. You can find the perfect place to curl up with your laptop whether it’s in an arm chair or by a piano. This is one of my favorite spots, especially in the winter. It is the kind of place where you feel like you can dream up almost anything. It is relaxing and chill, making it the perfect spot no matter what is on your agenda for the day.

 Photo Courtesy of Black Cat

Photo Courtesy of Black Cat

Blank Slate – NoMad

This is an adorable spot with delicious food and coffee to boot. They serve avocado toast all day! Need I say more? If the food and drink isn’t enough to keep you fueled throughout the day, then Blank Slate’s motto will surely keep you motivated. Their motto is, “the possibility of everything,” which is the perfect mantra to help maintain your hustle.

Admittedly, these next three shops aren’t quite as large and roomy as the aforementioned, but they fly a little under the radar so you’re almost guaranteed to nab a spot.

Jane Motorcycles – Williamsburg

Looking for the perfect spot to impress that uber cool client of yours? Bring him to Jane Motorcycles. Jane Motorcycles is a coffee shop meets motorcycle shop. (Yes, you read that right). Jane has several tables in the shop, so you can grab a coffee and post up while being surrounded by some trendy motorcycles and streetwear. A motorcycle shop might sound intimidating, but Jane is the opposite with bright white walls and great lighting. In the spring, you can grab a table right by the garage door and feel the warm breeze as you work away.

 Photo by Alexa Gavin

Photo by Alexa Gavin

Underline Coffee – Chelsea

Quaint and cozy, Underline Coffee is located right under the highline. This spot is ideal for in between meetings located in the neighborhood when you need a few minutes to regroup and check e-mails. Since this shop doesn’t have a customer bathroom, I don’t suggest it for a true work post-up. Instead, grab your coffee and go for a stroll along the highline while you brainstorm your next big idea.

Intelligentsia Coffee – Highline Hotel, Chelsea

If you have a thing for hotel bars then the coffee bar inside the Highline Hotel is definitely for you. Nestled inside the lobby, the coffee bar is a swanky spot with zinc-topped bars. You can sit inside by the bar or head outside to either the front or back courtyards. If you’re here on a warm day you can also hit up the “minibar,” which is a refurbished Citreon coffee truck that sits in the front courtyard. Enjoy an espresso outside as you work and people watch on 10th avenue.

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