Taking Flower Power To The Next Level: Meet Christy Doramus, Founder of Crowns By Christy

 Christy Doramus of Crowns By Christy, Photo Courtesy of Crowns By Christy 

Christy Doramus of Crowns By Christy, Photo Courtesy of Crowns By Christy 

Flower crowns have made a resurgence from wedding accessories to the perfect touch at Coachella. Meet Christy Doramus who mastered the craft at the perfect time creating beautiful creations for her clients and the chicest brands. Find out how a beauty publicist leveraged Instagram to create the most visually beautiful company called Crowns by Christy

1. When I think of flower crowns I now think of Christy! How did you get your start in flower crowns and when did you know you were on to something? 

Thank you! That means so much to me. When I started @CrownsbyChristy, I was working full time as a beauty publicist and had the chance to make fresh flower crowns for a couple of client events when we couldn’t find them in Manhattan at a reasonable price point. After my first event, I realized that women loved and wanted flower crowns, especially custom pieces. I started working out of my apartment and shopping the flower market before work in the mornings to customize and fulfill orders from friends, colleagues and even strangers who have now become close friends and supporters! 

2. As a previous PR manager, do you have any PR tips or tricks you recommend when launching a new business? 

I can’t begin to count the number of lessons I have learned by trial and error as an inexperienced (and accidental) business owner, but my PR background has certainly helped me problem solve along the way. I wouldn’t be running this business if it wasn’t for the support of colleagues and friends in the editorial space who have cheered me on from the very beginning. I will never forget those who gave up their Saturday afternoons to be my models and others who went out of their way to write stories about my small business. 

My only PR “tip” is really to try your best to be nice to every single person you come in contact with because everyone has the potential to end up somewhere and possibly even be your boss someday. My former interns are now hiring me for projects and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. 

3. What’s been the biggest “pinch me” moment since starting Crowns By Christy? What’s been the biggest challenge? 

I ran my business alone for nearly two years without employees, so when I finally started trusting others to help me, I realized how much talent and insight I was lacking. We are now a team of 6 (if you include our amazing publicist VictoriaNatenzon…  another former intern!) and I could not imagine living without my team. The biggest accomplishment for me so far has been to move from my home office into a beautiful studio space in NoHo where I am so lucky  to work every day. 

4. Your social media is on-point and consistently evokes a sense of FOMO, do you have any thoughts on social media and using it to spread the word and grow your business? 

Instagram is the platform that truly launched my business and makes up for at least 75% of all inquiries, so I really try my best to make it a priority and update it daily. I have been able to meet the most interesting people through Instagram who have now become great friends and advocates for my business. My goal with social media is not only to showcase our work, but to also share behind the scenes content of the creative process, which is why I have come to love Instagram stories! There is so much work that goes into each one of our projects and I love to invite our followers to see what we are working on, whether it be us knee deep in 900 glittered mascaras or boxes of flowers piled to the ceiling. 

5. Now that you have an incredible event space, where to you hope to see Crowns by Christy grow? 

Growth has always been a scary concept for me because I constantly worry that the quality of my work will be compromised with too many projects on the to-do list. Now that I have built a strong and amazing team, my confidence is increasing with our growth every day. Our studio is not only a place where we work on projects, but it is also used to host private events and workshops ranging from floral design to calligraphy. 

Having a beautiful studio space has provided me with so many opportunities to work with brands, influencers and talented women who are doing amazing things. We are steadily growing our offerings and have expanded beyond flower crowns while creating flower walls, installations and so much more. I hope that by this time next year, I can expand the business and offer creative consulting services that stretch so much further than what got me here…  However, there will always be the flower crown! 

Try your hand at making your own flower crowns at our May 15th Spring Soiree with Crowns By Christy at The Neely + Chloe Showroom. Grab your ticket here

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