Changing The Way Wellness Content Is Curated: Meet Lindsey Martin, Founder of Bloom

 Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Martin 

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Martin 

Lindsey Martin is the founder of bloom media and she has a gift. She has a gift of curating evergreen wellness content into a fun and manageable way that is easy to digest and relate to (check out her instagram). Before starting bloom Lindsey was busy building the empire that is Kayla Itsines before setting out to build her own wellness kingdom. 

1. As a long member of the “wellness” community what inspired you to leave your role at Kayla Itsines to start Bloom

I consider myself somewhat new to “wellness,” in a holistic sense, but I have always been a pretty active person. I had never thought about the body and internal health/wellness like I do now.

Working with Kayla pushed me back into health (post-college) and helped me fall in love with exercise again, which has been good and also challenging. What I discovered in this process is that for my personal health and happiness, I needed something a bit deeper to align myself with as an all-emcompassing lifestyle, not just as a way to achieve a body type. I saw that other woman were after an easier approach to wellness that was realistic, supportive, fun, and doable. The idea of enjoying wellness as a daily practice came from that and eventually brought me to bloom.  

2. What is Bloom exactly and what do you want it to be? 

Bloom is a community of wellness enthusiasts who want a simplified approach to a healthy and balanced life. This includes fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and beauty. Our approach is aimed at the audience who’s looking for more than just trends and a way to lose 15lbs in a month. Wellness content is evergreen, yet it’s continuously reinvented because our society is trained to look for the quick fix. We aim to cut through the noise and simplify the science to make it fun to include wellness as a daily practice. 

3. In your experience what do people need to think about/implement to achieve a healthy life? 

A healthy life will mean something different to each person, but to me it’s feeling strong and happy in your body. That requires daily attention to yourself and your goals. I’m a perfect example of someone who has to work hard at it every day. Some days are really easy to follow my goals to a “T,” others are tough and require implementing patience, understanding, and forgiveness. I find that the process of wellness is an ongoing one and as cheesy as it sounds, it’s about the journey which includes the struggle at times. Embrace the struggle, it means it’s working.

4. What has been the biggest “pinch me” moment since starting your business? 

I truly love the people who trust and believe in me and bloom. From the girls who work with me everyday, constantly impressing me with their dedication and skills, to the incredible people we feature on bloom. Many of the successful women I looked up to just a few years back, I now call friends or mentors. I think realizing how much people are willing to help and be a part of your journey has been very inspiring and motivating for me as well. 

A side note “pinch me” moment that is worth mentioning is the freedom that working for yourself affords you. I am an avid biker and cherish my moments riding around the city during the day, to a meeting. It’s things like that make me feel really lucky. 

5. Where do you see yourself and Bloom in the next 5 years? 

Bloom as it is now is a small piece of the bigger picture. Our content side is growing and the way we view the future of content focuses on the user, not the advertiser. Like I mentioned before, I believe much of the content in the wellness world is evergreen, so taking what exists and simplifying it for the everyday woman is a goal for us. You will also see us shifting into a more lifestyle focus, which means including things like dating, career, and some travel. We are also involved in more offline events this year and plan to make this a core part of what we bring to the community. 

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