From Frizzy To Glam in 15 Minutes: Meet Erika Wasser, Founder of Glam&Go

 Erika Wasser, Founder of Glam&Go. Photo courtesy Glam&Go

Erika Wasser, Founder of Glam&Go. Photo courtesy Glam&Go

Post gym you are typically still sweating even after showering. So when it comes to blowing out your hair it’s pretty much decided that it’ll be an air dry day. Thankfully Glam&Go has come on the scene and nestled itself in chic gyms like Exhale and Equinox and offers a 15 min express blowout and a 30 minute blow out where they will wash your hair for you. Now with their unlimited membership option you can get glam every day! Read on for how Erika Wasser created a business for the lady on the go. 

1. In the world where everything is on demand, Glam&Go stands out by being on-site. Walk me through how Glam&Go works and how the idea became a reality? 

My pre-entrepreuner life, I was on-air talent for the Digital Broadcasting Group & HGTV. I was used to showing up with frizzy, air-dried hair to backstage greenrooms and becoming camera ready (flawless blowout & all) in 15-mintue or less. Knowing this quick, efficient transformation could happen first hand, I knew it was what busy women we’re missing in their everyday life: results oriented, efficient beauty services where the purpose was getting you in, and getting you out, gorgeously. 

2. What were you doing in your life before glam + go? What was the hardest part of getting if off the ground? 

Before Glam&Go I was doing stand up professionally, and hosting two digital series – one for DBG and one for HGTV. The hardest part really was that I had no business experience, no hair industry experience, but I was a woman with a need. When we approached our first partner Exhale – they asked if we could open in 30 days… not knowing any better, I said “yes”. We did it in 45. From there the response from women was pretty immediate and built the foundation for what Glam&Go is today. 

3. Glam&Go is expanding VERY quickly where do you see the expansion in the next 5 years? 

World Domination? We stand for blowouts for busy women. That can really take us anywhere.

4. What’s been your biggest “pinch me” moment since having the brand? 

We were on Taxitv, twice. Nothing is better than being in the back of a cab, after a decent amount of rose and being made fun of by your friends because your on the TaxiTV…  its embarrassing and surreal all at once considering we were not much more than a thought less than 3 years ago. 

5. As you build out your team, what has been the biggest learning experience you’ve had?

Liking someone and managing someone are two VERY different things. We used to hire people we liked, and didn’t get around thoroughly enough to whether or not they were competent or would be a good fit for the actual job. We’re much more discerning in our old age 😉 

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