Event Planning With Creativity: Meet Cara Daisley & Yudit Svirsky, Co-founders of Six Wings Events

Cara has always had this can do attitude that make her a pleasure to be a round and someone you always want on your side. When she told me she had met her business partner Yudit, I was thrilled that she had found someone equally thrilled about event planning and working with interesting clients. Together they started Six Wings Events and have since gone on to work with some major clients and activations. 

1. Cara  & Yudit, congrats on your recent launch of Six Wings Events. You’ve landed some pretty major clients like Fujifilm what inspired you to create SWE?

We had been working on side projects for a while and always toyed with the idea of branching off to start our own company.  Oftentimes larger brands and agencies have a glass ceiling when it comes to budget flexibility and freedom of creativity.  We recognize the importance of scalability, but as producers, we value experience and personal growth. We love a challenge and don’t want to be held back from working with clients simply because of margins.  If there’s a creative solution, we’ll find it.  If you have an interesting project or event, we’d love to hear about it.  Nothing is off limits, and everything is up for discussion.  We bring our hearts to work and we always deliver.  

2. Cara how has the transition been from planning events in-house for a leading luxury fashion brand to balancing multiple clients?

I really love immersing myself in the mindset of different brands, learning about what drives their audience and unique messaging. Working in-house was great experience providing the skill-set and knowledge I now apply to each of our events. Having that unique perspective has given me insight into how brands operate internally and the importance of understanding company culture.

3. Yudit, tell us the biggest “pinch me” moment since the company launched?

Cara and I were sitting across the table from a Michelin starred chef discussing ways we can collaborate.  I just kept thinking to myself, I love my job!

4. Where do you both see the company growing in the next 5 years?

Our big picture goal is to grow our roster of repeat clients. A key indicator of success is client consistency. Through quality work and continued development of our creative network as well as vendor relationships, we want to be the go to event planning team. Five years from now our values will still be as strong as they are now, that glass ceiling nonexistent.  

5. Do you have a pie in the sky dream event or client?

Well… speaking of skies, it would pretty awesome to have an event suspended in space, maybe we will even serve pie!

How do you go about finding your clients? Through our years of working in events we have built a great network and have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some very inspiring people. This has resulted in a majority of our projects stemming from repeat clients, word of mouth and attendance at past events.  

6. Do you have any tips to event planners starting out in NYC?

Know your audience as strategy is key. It is the smaller details that can make or break any experience. Surround yourself with doers. Lastly, a healthy dose of networking.

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