SDS NYC Event Recap: OMMM(G): An Intro to Orgasmic Meditation

“Who came here for a breakthrough in dating? Who wants hotter sex?”

 Learning about how OM can be a gamechanger in your brain (and other places.) 

Learning about how OM can be a gamechanger in your brain (and other places.) 

On Sept. 7 Ellie Shepley, a Mind Body Spirit Coach at One Taste, asked SDS members to do an honest self-scan of what they wanted from their relationships. “It’s okay to want hotter sex,” Ellie laughs. “To get the breakthrough to happen, we have to get better at asking for what we want.”

For Ellie and her husband Robert, the solution to getting more in touch with themselves (pun intended) was Orgasmic Meditation (OM). Relationships aren’t just romantic; one of the most important relationships to keep healthy is the one with yourself. The OM practice has an international following that totes results of better connections, physically and emotionally, as well as increasing positive body image.


 Thanks to our OneTaste teacher, Ellie Shepley!

Thanks to our OneTaste teacher, Ellie Shepley!

Prior to matches, SDS ate healthy snacks while learning how OM can make sex less about consumption and more about connection. We interviewed three SDS members who saw connections between OM and their jobs in the coaching industry.

1.What do you do and how long have you been involved with SDS?  

DANIELLE GIBSON: I own Danielle Gibson Coaching, I’m a Business & Life Strategist. This is my first event.

HOLLY TORONTO: I’m a transformational health coach with my business Love Your Body HC. I’ve been a SDS member since June.

JALPA DHADUK: I’m a nutrition coach and own Nourish by JD. I joined in SDS in September and have attended two events so far. I’m so excited to get to know all the incredible women.

2. How do you see the OM message reflected in your work?

DANIELLE: What I got from Ellie is that when she worked on improving one area in her life, by doing OM, it opened her up and positively affected all areas of her life. I created my Daily Life Detox program to do the same. The goal of the program is to look at all the toxicity in our lives, with regard to relationships (romantic or friendship,) career, limiting beliefs, poor choices, what we endure/tolerate, etc. — all the ways we hold ourselves back, and then figure out a way to “detoxify.” We get rid of the things that don’t serve us in order to have a more fulfilling life.

HOLLY: The women that I work with come to me because they have been told by society that in order to be truly happy and experience the life they desire, they must look a certain way and usually that includes weight-loss. I support them in releasing unrealistic expectations around their body, cultivating a healthy relationship to food and realizing that they are fully deserving of the life they desire– no matter what the scale says. From this place they are able to step into the truth of who they are, experience pleasure in their daily lives and truly ask for what they want.

JALPA: As a Nutrition Coach who focuses on mind, body, and spirit; OM definitely is in interesting topic as it focuses on a deeper connection with others, and most importantly yourself.  

3. What was your biggest takeaway from the event?   

DANIELLE: Something Ellie’s husband said is something I always say to my clients, which is, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”  Which means, we are the same person in every part of our life so, when we get rid of what is holding us back in one area of our life, it positively affects every area of our life. 

HOLLY: I’m excited to experience OM for myself and introduce it to my clients as another way to connect to their authenticity and experience pleasure in their lives.

JALPA: It was no surprise I met fun, kind, successful women at the event. Everyone is always so welcoming and charming.  What imprinted on me the most from that event was, “Excitement is a conscious effort. It can be a bit scary, however, it’s worth all the effort.”

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