No More #PinterestFails: Meet Anne Hyun, Founder of Black Twine

1. Having spent a large part of your career in the corporate world, specifically American Express, what led you to create Black Twine and what exactly is it?

Back in 2014, I was planning my now business partner’s bridal shower and wanted to throw a mix-and-match tea party that I saw on Pinterest but could not figure out how to purchase the items pictured. I ended up staying up every night bidding for individual teacups on eBay to replicate the look! Part of my full-time job, at the time, was leading premium events for American Express, so it was a bit embarrassing that I struggled so much to plan a party of my own. I spent the next couple years hoping a solution would pop-up to address the pain of pulling together a beautiful party, and just recently, it dawned on me that I should tackle it!

Black Twine is a new party planning platform based in NYC. Our goal is to make home entertaining more accessible through beautiful and functional step-by-step party blueprints. The blueprints are styled by experts in the industry and include a full party product list, recipes and/or DIY, planning tools and tips to re-create the full look seamlessly. We just launched the new website at the end of June 2017 and are eager for folks to visit.

2. As Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram have upped the standards of parties, how do you think Black Twine will fit into everything?

Quite frankly, these platforms have enabled Black Twine to exist, as the beautiful imagery and inspiration from these sites has created a new standard of hosting that is at a level most feel is unobtainable without a significant amount of expertise, time and money. Black Twine is out to make stylish party planning accessible to everybody! We turn inspiration into reality by deconstructing the full party planning process and ensuring that every detail is accounted for. No more #pinterestfails when you come to us.

3. What’s been the most fun part of starting your party blueprint company?

My team and I absolutely LOVE the creative community that we are now a part of. We have a network of amazingly talented stylists from all over the US and Canada that contribute party content to our site on a regular basis. We call them our Stylist Circle. It is like a sisterhood of like-minded individuals with such positive energy and collaborative spirits. We have learned so much from them since starting Black Twine. We also truly enjoy meeting with new partners and other folks in the industry to generate new ideas and discuss potential ways to work on projects together. The great part of being a new company is that we are very open to new possibilities!

4. What are the three most important things to remember when planning an event?


We may sound like a broken record on this front but the most important ingredient to a Pinterest-worthy party is to stay consistent with the theme. We recommend selecting just one or two colors (e.g., blue and white) and one theme (e.g., clouds). Use the selected

colors and motif to guide all purchasing decisions from the invitation to the decorations to the serving ware.


Often the stress of planning is caused by having too many decorative or culinary components to execute. Our advice when it comes to décor, flowers, wine or food is to keep it as simple as possible – less on the variety, more on the quantity of each. Considering five different appetizers for a cocktail party? You can probably cut down to two or three substantial appetizers but ensure that each guest is able to go for seconds and even thirds.


Want to throw a memorable event? Get your guests to interact with each other! To facilitate these moments, we recommend building in the social components into the event set-up, such as creating a photo backdrop in a corner, having conversation cards prepared for a dinner party, or making the dessert DIY smores by the fire pit.

5. How do you see Black Twine growing in the next 5 years?

Haha, we have a team offsite in a couple weeks where we will discuss this in more detail, so definitely check back with me afterward! Having said that, we are working on scaling our platform to reach a broader set of users, domestically. We also see ourselves dramatically growing our network of stylists and vendors in the party space to become the leading party planning platform in the U.S. Perhaps one day, people will use the word, “Black Twine,” as a verb to convey that they effortlessly planned a party (e.g., I Black Twined it)! Then we will have really made it!


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