Fall Workouts You Can Do Without A Gym

Last week I wrote about how you can stay motivated to work out during the fall. This week I’m giving some insight into the workouts you can do without a gym as the season gets cooler.

1.       Run in the Park

I live close to Central Park, so I will run to the park and then do about 3 laps around the great lawn or 2 loops around the reservoir. I also love to get on the big loop and run around the south end of the Park, which ends up being about 3-4 miles. The scenery takes my mind off how far I’m going. For a bonus, in the evenings I’ll run up and down the steps of the Met all the way around for some more intense leg work.

2.    Body weight workout at home or outdoors (maybe after your run in the park!)

Do each exercise 30 seconds for 5 rounds; take a 1-2 minute break between rounds.

-Squats: Stand and lower with feet hip width apart (You can add a challenge by bringing single knee to chest at the top, alternating legs).

-Mountain climbers: Start in a plank position and bring one knee at a time to your chest, building up to a running speed.

 Trainer Brittany Ross getting in position for mountain climbers. 

Trainer Brittany Ross getting in position for mountain climbers. 

-Vinyasa flows: Down dog, curl forward to plank, chaturanga, up dog, push back to down dog.

-Tricep dips: You can do these on the edge of the couch, chair or on the ground. Sit on your butt with arms behind you finger tips facing towards you, with your feet on the ground lift your butt and dip by bending your arms. Keep your elbows pointing directly behind you.

-Plank: Walk up and down between your hands and forearms.

-Burpees: Start with legs hip width apart, squat down, jump or step your feet back into a plank, push up, jump or step your feet back to your hands and jump up.

-Lunges: Standing with feet hip width apart, step one foot into forward lunge, bending both knees, then step it behind you into back lunge with the same leg stepping forward and back (30 seconds each leg).

3. Ab workout you can do at home or outdoors

Do each exercise 30 seconds for 5 rounds, take 1-2 min break between rounds.

-Crunch stretch: Lay on your back and bring your arms straight in front of you pointing to the sky and knees in table top at 90 degrees. Extend one arm and the opposite leg out straight and come back to center, then switch sides.

-Russian twists: Sitting on your butt with your legs bent, lean back to a 45-degree angle and reach your arms to one side of your hips twisting your torso. Then reach and twist to the other side and keep reaching alternating sides.

 Trainer Brittany Ross balancing for Russian twists. 

Trainer Brittany Ross balancing for Russian twists. 

-Rotating planks: Start in plank position, drop down to your elbows and back up then rotate to the right and reach your right arm up for a side plank, come back to center, drop down to elbows and back up and then rotate to a left side plank and back to center.

-Superwoman: Lay on your stomach with your arms above your head, arch up your arms and legs as high as you can and flutter your arms and legs for 3 seconds, back down and repeat.

-Roll overs: Start on your back, lift arms and legs off the ground a few inches and roll over to your stomach keeping your arms and legs off the ground, then roll back and repeat.

I love creating custom workouts for my clients and watching them improve before my eyes! Email me at britt.ross86@gmail.com to schedule your first session. 


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