Eggxtra Special: Meet Tiffany Hallgren, Founder of TLC Infertility and Donor Services

 Photo courtesy of Tiffany Hallgren 

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Hallgren 

Tiffany Hallgren is the founder of Infertility and Donor Services, a boutique egg donor agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York.  A member of Six Degrees Society, Tiffany is a regular panelist at our ‘Eggcellent’ events, which explore women’s fertility with experts on egg donation, egg freezing and fertility, most recently speaking on a panel in SF

1. Tiffany, after a world of retail you started working in the infertility and egg donation space. What exactly is a donor agency or concierge service, and how did you make that transition? 

After years of working in the fashion and retail industry, I was looking for a career that really challenged me and made a difference in the world. I was actually approached by a friend who worked at a donor agency, and shared that they had a position recently open. I was intrigued by the job, because I would be helping others while getting to work with young women my age. This field became my passion because I get to see hopeful couples have a family of their own, and young women achieve their dreams of starting their own business, traveling the world, or continuing their education.  

2. Egg freezing has been a big topic recently, how does donating eggs differ from egg freezing?

The process of egg freezing and egg donation are the same process, however in egg donation the donor is compensated for undergoing the process and the eggs are given to a recipient couple.  Egg freezing is intended for young women to freeze their eggs, preserving their fertility options for the future.

3. Is there any compensation to the donor? How does one apply to become one? 

Typical Donor compensation ranges from $7,000 to $10,000, plus all expenses paid. In order to become a donor, a candidate must apply. I have donors inquire through my website, and then I share information with them before providing the donor application. I want every candidate to be educated on the process before filling out the application. 

4. Who are you looking for right now? 

I am always looking for amazing young women! I currently have a few search campaigns underway. I am currently searching for an educated Jewish candidate, that would compensate over $15,000 for one cycle. 

I am also searching for a highly educated candidate, preferably from a top tier university, that would also compensate over $15,000. This particular search is open to candidates from various backgrounds. 

5. What type of woman decides to donate her eggs and why do they do it? 

I have been incredibly lucky to work with some remarkable egg donors, who have used their compensation to start their businesses and put themselves through school. These are actually the most common reasons many of the candidates I work with pursue donation. They feel excited about the opportunity to help others, while receiving a compensation that allows them to pursue a dream of their own. 

6. What about the people who are looking for an egg donor, do they have specific requirements? 

Finding a donor for specific families often feels like high stakes matchmaking. I want my clients to find the right fit for their family, and the donor to be comfortable every step of the process. The most challenging part of matching clients is having them identify the attributes that are most important to them in their candidate. This is different for everyone who is struggling with infertility.  It usually comes down to finding someone who shares common traits. That might mean ethnic heritage or a facial resemblance. Common requests are hair color, height, and physical attributes, however there are also couples who find education or sharing similar interests to be equally important. Getting to the root of what is important is a break through point, and allows me to work on finding the right candidates for my clients.

If you know anyone who may be a fit for either of these opportunities please feel free to share with them, and have them reach out to me at

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