November 21, 2017

From MRS. To BOSS: Meet Delia Folk, Founder of The Delia Folk Brand

 Delia Folk 
Delia Folk 

Delia Folk is a go-getter and you know after meeting her that you’ll one day flipping through a magazine or frantically pointing at the TV and shouting “I know her!!!”. She’s one of those ladies that’s going to make her dreams happen and is doing everything in her power to get there. From Alabama to NYC Delia has been adamant to make the most out of her time and surround herself with people that propel her forward! Read more on how this amazing woman works a full-time job, creates robust content for and is on her way to become the next industry leader. 

1. Having grown in Alabama did you ever envision yourself living in NYC and working for Barneys?

I definitely did not! Growing up, I envisioned getting married and having lots of children. I didn’t spend much time thinking about what I wanted to do in terms of a career. Transferring to The College of William & Mary and being surrounded by such bright and driven girls caused me to catch the bug! It was inside of me the whole time, but hadn’t revealed itself yet. 

2. What was the moment when you realized you weren’t going to school for your MRS. And wanted to build a career?

When I transferred to W&M and it was time to pick a major. I thought about majoring in Psychology or Nutrition because I was interested in both of those, but didn’t necessarily want to make a career out of it. I came to NYC and met with the VP of Wholesale at Versace. He said it wasn’t 100% necessary, but majoring in business could be a good idea and also detailed concrete things I could do if I wanted to get into the fashion industry. I went back and immediately applied to the business school. I am so thankful to have majored in business because the exposure to the terms, business speak and thought-processes was invaluable. 

3. Your blog offers incredible insight on individuals working in the Fashion/Beauty industry. Do you have any tips for getting the interviews of the notables you have on your site?

Being personable and making connections within your industry. It’s important to make yourself memorable so when meeting someone and reconnecting with them later, they know who you are. People love to talk about themselves, and are honored that you thought to interview them.

4. Thinking beyond Barneys— what is DeliaFolk the brand going to look like?

I recently discovered that my purpose is to push people outside of their comfort zone in order to dream bigger than they ever thought possible (which is something I’m currently doing as well). You never know what you can accomplish unless you fearlessly take on the world day by day! I want to establish myself in the fashion industry as a household name and industry figure. I want to be someone whose opinion is asked for & valued and want to help bring awareness to emerging brands. I also want to establish a closer relationship between the art and fashion world because they are synonymous – fashion is art and art is fashion. I will do this by being involved in the art world and bringing the fashion crowd along with me! 

5. What 3 tips of advice do you have for someone fresh out of college moving to NYC?

1) subscribe to NiftyNYC, Guest of a Guest and The Skint to find out about events and happenings in the city 2) Join groups that interest you because you will instantly establish a network with like-minded people 3) make a NYC to-do list and always keep adding to it while checking things off

To learn more about Delia Folk check out her website and follow her on Instagram

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