December 17, 2017

The Lady Boss Millennial Chef: Meet Julia Chebotar, Health Coach Extraordinaire

 Photo courtesy of Diana David
Photo courtesy of Diana David

Julia is a straight shooter that you know you can trust! She’s that person you’d take shopping with you and really let you know that those jeans don’t look awesome on you but then would suggest a pair that fits perfectly. She’s also a health coach and someone that will make sure you take the key steps in changing your health and making these changes fun and approachable. She’s SUCH a talented chef and used to be the owner of The Organic Grill in the East Village (the best veggie burger I’ve ever eaten). She still does personal chef work (I highly recommend her for your next dinner party!). She’s also our incredible NYC ambassdor that runs all of our events, has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening and is just an incredible person. 

1. From owning a vegetarian restaurant before turning 30, to becoming a certified health coach at IIN what do you love the most about food and wellness? 

Food should be appreciated and celebrated, not fast-and-furious drive-through meals that are eaten in the blink of an eye. By enjoying a home-cooked meal, you will naturally eat a smaller portion and consume less sodium, all while spending more quality family time together, which research positively shows is associated with overall healthier eating habits. So, let’s get cooking . . . you’ll be glad you did. I love how food is memories, either you remember cooking with your grandmother or where you were when you tried your new favorite dish. Food & wellness are so closely tied. Always have a positive attitude towards food. Being healthier is something every one of us can do, whether it’s to get an hour more sleep each night, cook dinner twice a week, or drink more water.

2. You jumped into a really fast paced industry right out of college, how has it been to leave restaurant life behind and embrace 9-5pm? 

Some folks love this… work, work, work, stop. And start again tomorrow. I, on the other hand, do not love this framework. In the restaurant industry it is a 24 hour non stop! There is no balance. I am loving this 9-5 framework for my own sanity and health, it works better for my health & wellness. I like a more rigid time frame for work then I have the evening to see clients and help people. 

3. In addition to working on your health coaching practice you’re also the NYC ambassador for Six Degrees Society. What drew you SDS and what keeps you there? 

I love everything about SDS! And I love Emily. I found the group from a speaker who I found on Instagram. She had posted that she was at an event and I quickly searched Six Degree Society and contacted Emily. Later that year when I needed a career transition I reached out to the one and only person I knew would have a rolodex of contacts, to help me figure out my next moves. In this process we grew very close and she became by go to person for everything and anything. The women of SDS have helped me through career change, tech support, photography needs, coffee dates, shoulders to cry on, shingles, & breakups. Its the smart woman’s girl gang. With having the power of SDS behind you, you can do anything and everything!  I am honored to be an ambassador because everything that SDS stands for, really applies to my life and growth as a millennial badass lady! 

4. What are 5 things we should always have stocked in our kitchen? 

1. Fresh Produce – Including but not limited to brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes (purple are my favorite), avocados, mushrooms, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, all kinds of citrus, bananas, apples, berries, onions, and garlic.

2. Healthy Fats – Coconut oil, olive oil, nuts (I make milks with almonds and hazelnuts and desserts with cashews), hemp hearts, cacao nibs, and ground flaxseed.

3. Proteins – Beans & Lentils give us a ton of clean protein! I always have fish in my freezer! 

4. Grains– Quinoa, farro, buckwheat, and oats. Whole grain pasta with pesto is my go to! 

5. Healthy Snacks– Whole grain bread, almond butter, and no-sugar-added jams for almond butter & jelly sandwiches! My favorite couch potato snack! 

6. Beverages– Coffee, kombucha, coconut water, matcha powder for green tea lattes!

Have a beautiful and colorful salad with most dinners and build it according to the rainbow — think tomatoes, carrots, peppers, spinach or leafy greens, and eggplant. Save time by choosing pre-washed lettuce, cut-up carrots, mini cucumbers, pepper slices and cherry tomatoes. Feeling fancy? Add in some nuts, berries or chia seeds for a little crunch. Enjoy!

5. Can you share with us links to your favorite and easiest breakfast, lunches and dinners?

Vegan Borscht

Fish Tacos

Carrot Ginger Soup

Sweet Potato – Black Bean Burgers  –

For more info on Julia check out her website and Instagram! And don’t forget to book her for your next party!

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