The ABCs of Branding: Meet Sheila Cannon & Corin Camenisch of Blow Branding

 Corin Camenisch and Sheila Cannon of Blow Branding 

Corin Camenisch and Sheila Cannon of Blow Branding 

Branding is one of the most important part of creating a company. It’s the logo, the colors, the language all packaged up perfectly to make it your own. Sounds easy right? It’s your company so of course all of this comes naturally. Yet when you’re building your brand, working on everything how important is branding to you? That’s why you bring in the professionals like the amazing ladies of Blow Branding who does the branding for you. 

1. As a team of 3 what inspired you all to come together to create Blow Branding?

We got to know each other through the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts, after experiencing what it means to create fully fleshed out brand strategies for clients, we found ourselves frustrated with the job options out there. Additionally, having worked on client side for several years, we have all experienced frustration with agencies, either because they weren’t truly listening to our needs, or because they were using so much jargon no one really knew anymore what the discussed topic was, or because of their very confusing pricing models. We wanted to create an agency that is different, more strategy less jargon, more transparency less confusion, more collaboration less dictating.

2. Branding is one of the most important elements of a company if not the most important, what tips do you have for those individuals starting off their brand?

We created a simple formula to keep you focused on what’s most important when building a brand: Relevant x Different x Consistent

You make sure you’re relevant by checking whether your offerings, purpose and/or story resonates with people and is in sync with culture.

Research your competition and make sure you stand out, find what makes you different, what you can truly own and communicate that. Don’t be afraid to narrow down your audience and stand for something instead of trying to please everyone.

Create recognizability through design and language and stick with it. Brands like Coca-Cola have managed to create such powerful creative assets, that the brand is being recognized without seeing the logo.

3. What’s the first step one should take in approaching branding? 

Branding is not only a creative exercise, it’s a business exercise too and strongly connected to business strategy. The first step would be to embrace the idea of creating a brand that guides decisions on all levels – from what kind of product you create, how you speak to what kind of audience and even what kind of people you hire. Branding is a long term commitment.

4. What are the biggest challenges and mistakes you see brands make in regards to branding? 

People often times think too short-term and are not willing to invest in creating a strong brand from the beginning, which it is a real shame when you think about what effects a strong brand can have for your business in the long-term. But building that takes time and commitment. Another challenge we’re facing is the misconception of what branding is, people think of a logo and nice packaging and while that’s important there is so much more to it and all those elements should be a reflection of your brand strategy that you come up with first.

5. How do you hope to change the way we approach branding? 

We hope to educate people on how powerful branding can be. We aim to build outstanding brands together with our clients, that serve as inspiring examples for many more companies out there.

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