January 8, 2018

Six Lessons I Learned in 2017

2017 marked the end of year two of business with Six Degrees Society. Two years ago I was in a corporate office, not quite sure what drove me and trying to figure out who I was. I was so unsure of myself and the choices I made. As a business owner I still have no idea what I’m doing but love making choices knowing that if they don’t work that it’s on me. While running a business feels like your whole life, I took this year to start understanding how I wanted my life to look. Through our event programming I learned so much that I was able to implement into my own life. Check out my year of learnings below.

Go natural (when you can):

We hosted 3 fireside chat events with Phoebe Lapine to discuss her book the The Wellness Project. Through her book and the learnings of Ashley Peate from Beautycounter, I realized how important it is to go natural with the products you’re using every day. From makeup, deoderant, body wash, laundry and more. Start checking those labels! I’ve started using Think Dirty App to get a better understanding how dirty my products really are. For deodorant I really liked Schmidt’s but have recently fallen in love with Native (vanilla and coconut is my fav and smells like frosting!). For makeup I’m slowly tossing my old makeup goodbye and replacing with Beautycounter.

Be open minded to advice:

Get help from outside opinions. Mentors, colleagues, coaches, therapists and more. However, at the end of the day make decisions because  you want to make them and not because you feel obligated to make them.

Outsource and delegate:

As my good friend Reese Evans always says, “think like a CEO.” Again one of the struggles I’ve had is the feeling like I need to do it all from instagram to bookkeeping. However this year I learned the importance of focusing on the big picture items and delegating where you can.

  • For bookkeeping I hired Paro to keep the expenses in check!

  • For payroll I hired Gusto to file all of my quarterly taxes and make sure I was IRS compliant.

  • For a marketing assistant I hired Byron to find me the perfect virtual assistant to unload all the small stuff!

  • For making appointments I use calendly


Templatize your life:

To make my life easier with delegating I’ve started templatizing my life. From outreach emails, to  “how to” guides, I’ve taken note of my day and ways that someone else can do it.

Get a life (and live it):

As much as I love my business I realized it was devouring my life. This year I made a huge effort to start treating my business like a job– having the hours adhere to a typical 9-6ish schedule!

That meant allowing time to be present with friends, relationships and family. And as much as the people in your life love and support your business it’s important to turn that brain off when with them and be the normal person they know and love.

Additionally, take a vacation! You’re world will not implode if you disconnect for a little bit.

Set a routine:

There are many days where I’m running behind schedule or I’m on the West Coast and am already far behind the east coast. Remember to prioritize your health and wellness. Working out brings me so much joy, provides so much energy and jump starts my day, yet there are so many days I throw away that little hit of happiness because “I have stuff to do.” No matter how much time you have stick to the routine, even for a little bit. You’ll feel happier for it.



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