Financially Empowered: Meet Brittney Castro Founder of Financially Wise Women

How many times have you logged into your bank account terrified of what number will be starting back at you? Yea, that’s not how it should feel when talking or looking at your own money. Enter Brittney Castro, Founder of Financially Women, a program focused on empowering women and giving them the conference to control their finances. 

1. As the founder of  Financially Wise Women, can you tell us what makes up a Financially Wise Woman? 

A Financially Wise Women is a woman who is confident and empowered with her money. She enjoys making money, managing, spending, saving and investing it for her dreams and goals in life. She lives abundantly and understands that money is a tool to fuel her ideal life and attracts and gives money with ease and grace. She is someone who inspires those around her to take control of their finances too and also live a happy, wealthy and thriving life.

2. What inspired you to create a platform that helps women get their finances in order? 

Being a woman in finance, I saw a huge need to create a financial planning company that understood the unique challenges women face when planning for their financial future and empower them with the education and tools to become financially successful.  Our mission is to educate and empower women and partner with them on their financial journeys so they don’t feel alone and help them make the best financial decisions in life.

3. From experience, how do women compare to men in money management? What’s one piece of advice you have for all women when managing money? 

Women are really great at money management and have been in charge of the household spending and day to day finances for many years now. I think the challenge is being able to communicate financial strategies with women in a way that encourages and inspires them versus the typical financial communication style of talking down to women leaving them afraid and intimated to ask their money questions. When women have the right tools and education they become financial powerhouses and inspire those around them to also take control of their financial lives. My piece of advice to all women is to remember you have the power and strength to change your financial life for the better and can truly have anything you want in life with the right mindset and strategy. All it takes is the first step so remember you’re not alone on your financial journey and ask for as much help as you need along the way.

4.From online courses to in-person events, can you tell us more how we can utilize your services? 

We offer fee-only financial planning services to help women and couples plan, budget, save and invest their money wisely, have a DIY online Money Class and lots of workshops and webinar events on various financial topics. You can sign up for our free investor training video here and sign up for our free discovery session to learn more about our services and how we can help you on your financial journey here.

5. What’s been the most rewarding part of your business so far? And what’s something you wish you had known before you had started? 

The most rewarding part is helping people use their money to fund their dreams and goals in life. I have been a financial planner for 12 years now so helping clients move through different stages of life and embrace their wealth energy and transform their financial lives is still as rewarding now as it was 12 years ago. I wish I had known to trust my intuition more in the beginning. As a woman business owner, I have learned to use my intuition and other feminine qualities more over the years.  Business is so much easier when I am in the flow and allow things to naturally unfold as much as I actively pursue my business endeavors and goals.  Business, like life, is a dance and when you are truly in the moment, dancing can bring so much ecstasy to one’s life.

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