Video Creation Your Way: Meet Paige Wilhide, Founder of Paige Media

Paige is amazing. She’s one of those people you meet and wonder how you can work with her or near her all the time! Paige also is the Founder of Paige Media, an company that focuses on video– so you don’t have to! Having recognized the importance video plays in your brand Paige built a company that offers various starting points for your team. From coaching, video production and editing she’s your one stop shop! 

1. Most people have dreams of being in front of the lens, yet you, Paige Wilhide, like to be behind it. How did you launch your career in video? 

Oh, I still have dreams of being in front of the lens, and I actually do switch roles quite often over at the Paige Media YouTube channel. But growing up, I was always curious about filmmaking and how video cameras worked. I used to make fake commercials, news reports, and music videos with my younger sister. It wasn’t until I took a course at The Travel Channel that I realized how much I loved storytelling through video, and how good I was at it (yeah, I’ll toot my own horn). The first iteration of Paige Media was born from there. 

2. At what moment did you know you were ready to create Paige Media? Where were you working before you were your own boss? 

I was living the classic “making ends meet in NY” story. I had two restaurant jobs, a babysitting gig, and a side job hosting skeeball leagues. One day, out of the blue, one of the restaurants shut their doors for good. No warning, no compensation, no apologies. It was a huge wakeup call for me, realizing how unstable my income was. So I turned back to what I knew I was good at: video. I slowly started building a client list and portfolio. It grew from there.  

3. Paige Media has worked with small personal brands such as coaches and creatives to huge influencers like DeepicaMelissa Alatorre, and Heygorjess. How do you find your clients and how does one team cater to such diverse companies?

So many of our clients come word of mouth. One person hires us, they tell all their friends. All their friends tell all their friends. When you have a great product, it’s easy to tell your friends about it. We’re also building our own brand online, so we get a good handful of clients through our videos as well. We have packages that work with brands at all stages: from initial strategy and DIY consulting to full-day video production shoots that generate tons of video content!

4. What’s your favorite part of creating content? How important is it to a brand? 

Where do I begin? I think my favorite part about creating content is telling a great story. I’m a storyteller at heart, and everything we do is about communicating a powerful story– one that builds a bond between the brand and the audience. And look at that! I just answered your second question: why it’s so important. In this digital media universe, video allows us to get really close and personal to the people we are reaching. Audiences have so much power: they choose what they want to engage with (we all know there are a lot of choices out there), and a great story is the ultimate differentiator. 

5. What advice do you have for individuals and companies when approaching video for the first time? 

Move faster than the fear. I get that it can be scary and overwhelming. But if you just start creating something, you’ll learn so fast what works and what doesn’t. And you won’t have time to think about everything that could go wrong. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel (shameless plug)! We work really hard to put out tips, advice, and tutorials that will help people create their own video content and build strong brands with video. 

To learn more about working with Paige check out her website and follow her on instagram

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