Yoghurt Obsessed: Meet Alli Hedlund, Consumer Engagement at noosa

 Alli Hedlund, Noosa 

Alli Hedlund, Noosa 

Some people like their jobs and then there are those people that LOVE their jobs. Well, Allison Hedlund, Consumer Engagement at noosa yoghurt LOVES her job. She gets to spend her day  rewarding and appreciating noosa fans with product and special prizes. Learn how this mom of four found her dream job and lives a life of balance! 

1. noosa is my favorite go to yoghurt in the morning and for an afternoon snack. What makes noosa different than other yogurts on the market? 

It is so delicious, right? Ultimately it’s the whole milk, pure wildflower honey and real fruit that make noosa so magical.  It’s thick and velvety, full of probiotics, calcium, and protein.  We also have the most magical flavors (orange ginger, blackberry serrano, and raspberry lemonade just to name a few!) so this is another way noosa is absolutely like no other yoghurt. 

2. I’ve never seen a yoghurt company love and appreciate their customers the way noosa does. What inspired the fan club and what are some of the perks of being a fan? 

I know! It’s really such an amazing role that I have — I pinch myself every day that I get to focus on creative and personalized ways to prove to our fans that we appreciate them. Ultimately, it’s just really important to us that we acknowledge the people that are loyal to our brand, listen to their feedback and develop a relationship with them. Every day fans reach out to profess their love of our yoghurt via social media and email that we wanted to create a special place for them.

Our fan club is called Cream of the Crop and every month we share inside scoop on new flavors, behind-the-scenes from the farm in Bellvue, CO and offer ways to get to know our fans better.  For people that are into getting exclusive noosa goodies, they can earn points by engaging in different ways – and these points get them things like a golden noosa spoon or cow theme socks. It’s a blast to come up with new ways to “wow” our superfans – we’ve given fans a free year of noosa, one fan won a trip to the farm, last month fans earned points towards sweatpants that say “spoon me” and of course, we offer free product coupons on a quarterly basis.  This month the sweepstakes prize is a “sneak taste” of a totally new line of yoghurt we’re introducing so ten fans will get to try it before they are in stores.  

3. Before working at noosa you worked in the realm of events and PR. How did you get started in your career and would you have predicted having a job like you do at noosa? 

I was working in San Francisco at a digital marketing agency in my mid 20’s and many of my friends were getting engaged and feeling overwhelmed with the details of pulling together their weddings. I love details and anything involved with planning a soiree so I ended up helping them throughout the process and fell in love with it.  I launched my own event planning company in 1999 and did that for 12 years, which was a truly magical chapter of my life.  In 2010 I was looking for a  change and was lucky enough to land at a fantastic women-owned company in Boulder called Bhakti. I managed the PR, events, social media, ambassador program and consumer outreach for 6 years.  All of this gave me such a fantastic foundation for this position at noosa, which didn’t really exist before I came on board. They were looking for someone to manage all aspects of “fan love” and my experience was luckily a perfect fit for the role.  If I would have written my perfect job description I probably would have never been able to include all of the amazing things I get to do in this job!  I spend my days connecting one-on-one with fans, surprising them with noosa goodies (and an occasional cow singing telegram), planning “brekkies” for influencers and sourcing unique SWAG. 

4. As a mom how do you find balance between managing a family and still focusing on your career? Do you have any tips on how to make it work? 

My husband and I have a blended family with 4 kids between us. For years I worked part time so now that I am back to full time it is definitely a feat for he and I to keep all the balls in the air but we are a great team.  It’s a lot of communication, the occasional “family meeting” to make sure we’re all on the same page and have a chance to vent, and a lot of laughing. My job is such a big part of my happiness and it’s fun to see my kids say “Mom, this is such a perfect job for you!” – role modeling for them that loving your career is the ultimate goal. noosa provides a very supportive culture too so if there are days my family needs me at home then I prioritize them with no guilt.  Lastly, a good nanny is a “must”. 

5. What are you most excited about for 2018 personally and professionally?

Personally, I am looking forward to a year full of creating memories with my family and traveling with my girlfriends. One of my favorite things is connecting with people so professionally I am really excited to continue meeting and getting to know our fans and spreading the “noosa love” — with the ultimate goal of making noosa famous for how we treat our fans. Something tells me we’re on the right track!

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