The Dream Seeker: Meet Mercey Livingston, Editorial Assistant at Well + Good

One only hopes that a summer internship leads to a full-time job! Well that’s exactly what happened to Mercey Livingston in NYC the summer of 2017. She had moved from Mississippi to participate in an internship she found through networking (shameless plug) and moved to NYC expecting to return back to Mississippi at the end of the summer. Except Well + Good offered Mercey a position she couldn’t resist, so she officially became a New Yorker! 

1. A summer internship at Well + Good turned into a full-time job, how has the transition from Mississippi to NYC been? 

Moving from a pretty small town in Mississippi to NYC has been quite the adjustment. Despite NYC feeling a bit overwhelming at times, it’s unlike any other place and I’m so grateful to live in this city. I’ve always been drawn to the energy in NYC and there’s something really special about living in a place that so many people dream of moving to. Of course, there have been quite a few learning curves that come with adjusting to living here, and one of the most important things I’ve learned is to maintain a sense of humor when things don’t go as planned. New York is not an easy city to live in (as cool as it is) and you have to learn to laugh at the day-to-day things that seem to only happen here

2. Prior to living in NYC for your first summer, did you ever envision yourself living in NYC? 

I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to live in NYC, but never thought I would actually move here. I’m such a planner and it honestly was never my plan to move here (and stay). Since I was working on my master’s degree in MS I decided to do an internship in NYC to have that experience because it’s something I always wanted to do, even if just for a summer. I originally thought that if I liked NYC then maybe I could come back one day after I finished my master’s degree. But then it only took a few weeks into my internship at Well+Good for me to realize that I wanted to stay here. And then when I found out that Well+Good was hiring and I was offered the job, and it was just so exciting because I never expected things to work out the way it did.

3. What advice do you have to those interested in getting out of their comfort zones? Do you have any technique you recommend for finding a job?  

To be 100% real, leaving your comfort zone is never easy and can come with a ton of fear and anxiety. This is especially true for type-a planners (like me) who want to know the outcome of a decision before you make it. But I would say it’s so important to leave your comfort zone and take risks when you can, because it will make you grow and learn more about yourself. You never know how things will turn out, but who wants to live with the “what if?” I think it’s really important to do things even when it scares you, especially if you are lucky enough to have those kind of opportunities. The best advice I can give for finding a job is to talk to your connections and get as much advice as you can. When it comes to finding a job here I think it’s so important to not only show that you will work hard, but also show that you are passionate about the opportunity. I was really lucky to find a job that intersects so well with my passions and interests, and so I think that was a huge help in the process. 

4. What’s your favorite part of your job at Well + Good? 

That’s a hard question! I love so much about working at Well+Good. First of all, I can’t say enough good things about the team. I feel so lucky to work at a place where I honestly enjoy being around everyone in the office. It’s so fun to be able to have conversations about the latest in fitness, nutrition, and health every day, or chat with someone about their latest workout class in the elevator. I feel so inspired by the wellness community as a whole in this city and one of my favorite parts about the job is being able to meet trainers, wellness experts, and other people who want to help others make positive changes in their lives. I get so excited about the chance to talk with these people and to interview them to help share their stories with the world. 

5.  I know you review a lot of work out classes in NYC, do you have any new favorites? 

I’m constantly trying new classes so sometimes this depends on what week it is, but right now one of my favorite classes is the Sculpt Society at Project by Equinox with Megan Roup (the class is also called Megan Roup at Studio B). Megan’s class is part dance-cardio, part toning routine that is super high-energy and so much fun. I’m not a dancer, but Megan’s choreography is super accessible and I’m obsessed with her playlists. Music is such an important part of the workout to me and I’ve yet to hear a song I don’t like in her class. I also love Barre3, Rumble Boxing, and SoulCycle right now. 

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