March 27, 2018

The Super Networker: Meet Hannah Brooks, Founder of The Leading Lady

Hannah and I connected through being in the Create & Cultivate FB group, subscribing to her email list and responding back to her email. Now 2 months later we’ve already hosted an instagram live, she’s contributed to our blog and we’re planning an event together. Oh the things you can do when you put two networkers together. Hannah is the Founder of The Leading Lady and has dedicated her business to shed some light on how networking doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Learn more about Hannah’s journey from performer to professional and catch us in SF on June 6th for our event together.

1. How did you become the leading lady? 

My background is in theatre/acting/performance, so I guess you could say the concept of being a leading lady is part of my brain! 

But the idea for “The Leading Lady” was born out of the fact that so many women desire to connect with those around them but are either scared or don’t know how. My heart is to empower them to engage so they can build the life and career they dream of. That’s being a leading lady in your own life, which is so important!

2. Why do you believe so strongly in networking? Is networking something that comes easy or do you still get nervous? 

Networking, or building relationships with the people around us, is crucial to being a healthy woman, not just a businesswoman! I passionately believe that community is where people thrive and where transformation happens, and building relationships is where that all starts.

As for nerves, I think there are 2 different feelings people can experience: fear and nervousness.

Fear is immobilizing and keeps people from growing and engaging, so that’s not good! I’m not afraid of connecting at all, in fact it energizes me like crazy! 

I do however, still get nervous. Everyone does at some point. Networking is basically putting yourself out there and hoping people like you, and that’s always a little strange. BUT I don’t let my nerves stop me from connecting. No way am I losing out on that magic!

3. Can you define networking for us? How can someone network each day? 

To me, networking comes down to forming connections with others where both people are willing to add value to the other person’s life. In a genuine relationship, both people are equally valuable, 

Networking isn’t about wracking up names like poker chips, it’s about gathering humans around you who make you better and who you can lift up too.

Networking each day? Just talk to people! It’s so amazing simple, but if you’re not talking to people around you, you’re missing out hardcore on so many opportunities.

4. What are your favorite ways network in a new city? 

Find a group that participates in something you love and join it! Maybe it’s moms hanging out, or a knitting group, or a workout class. 

Do what you love and talk to the people you’re put in contact with. Plug into the community already there, that’s the easiest way.

5. Do you have a go-to networking introduction or pick up line? 

Compliments are my jam, for sure. I love opening by calling out something I like about them, like something they’re wearing. Everyone likes to know someone’s a fan, so it’s a great way to break down a wall and connect!

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