March 30, 2018

The Female Megaphone: Meet Anna Rova, Founder of the Girlskill Podcast

You know that funny moment when you walk into a party and realize it’s the wrong party? Well, I did that with a FB group. Thinking that this particular Facebook group was DC focused (as in the city) it turns out it had nothing to do at all about DC. Regardless, I ended up meeting Anna Rova, Founder of the Girlskill Podcast that celebrates the stories and experiences of women doing rad things.

1. What is Girlskill and why are you inspired you to create it? 

I’m on a quest to redefine what female success really is.

I’m here to ask questions and have real conversations with real women about life, love, sex, success and everything else around it. I’m here to find answers for myself and maybe help a few women along the way. Because I know this stuff is magical. I have seen it transform my life.

I’m tired of the bullshit. I’m tired of inauthentic click-bait content. I’m tired of fake, 7-word headlines that “work.”

That is the past.

I’m all in for a sexy, authentic, juicy headline that I know will get me less readers but more qualified ones.

I’m interested in challenging ideas and subjects that people are afraid to discuss in a mature way. I’m interested in raising questions that are uncomfortable to ask.


2. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned (can be more than one) from interviewing someone for your podcast? 

The most interesting thing I’ve learned on my podcast is that every woman defines femininity and success in different ways. No matter what their definition is, most women identify strongly with their femininity and are living their version of success. I’ve also learned that the biggest challenge for the modern woman today is balancing her masculine and feminine side. Women have more opportunities and possibilities today than ever before. The main question and challenge for the modern woman is how to achieve her dreams professionally and in business and still be a mother, wife, and lover. Girlskill Podcast is here to uncover the answers to this very important question.

I’ve also learned that no matter the degree of a woman’s connection to her instinctual self a.k.a “the wild woman” – she has felt her and she knows the wild woman exists within her. She just didn’t give her permission to come out.

Another interesting thing I learned is that women after 40 are coming out to powerful conclusions about what it means to be a woman. They tend to switch priorities and realize that professional and personal success is not that important. Your connection with yourself, your relationships and your contribution to your loved ones(and not only) is what’s important. These women stop proving to every else and themselves their own value. They don’t care. They realize that their self-worth is derived from inside.


3. As a digital nomad how do you maintain balance and structure in your life? 

Building routines and establishing deep friendships that last are the most important things to keep balance on the road as a digital nomad. I have my morning routine that included writing “morning pages,” lighting up a candle, using tarot cards for daily guidance, morning stretches and dancing as well as having my yoga studio I love and a co-working space that I feel inspired and productive in. Living in a nice place with a hot shower, plenty of light and space makes all the difference. The community is super important. I am excited o be making longer-tern girlfriends!


4. What does female success mean to you? 

Joy. Freedom. Peace. Healthy and fulfilling relationships. Motherhood. Pleasure.


5. What biggest advice do you have for entrepreneurs starting out? 

Follow your own direction and compass. Ask yourself daily “does this makes sense for me and my business at this point? Is this true for me? Is this who I am?” I see entrepreneurs copy/pasting so many systems, promotional plans and structures that they stop being authentic. Do not be like everyone else. Stop following people, groups and blogs. Listen to yourself more than to others and create something unique. Speak your truth. People are drawn to authenticity today more than ever. Get vulnerable.

Check out Anna’s podcast at Girlskill


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