Behind The Lens: Meet DMV Photographer Hannah Lane Giddings of Hannah Lane Photography

Hannah Lane Giddings of Hannah Lane Photography

We had the pleasure of working with Hannah Lane Giddings of Hannah Lane Photography at a big DC event at Ann Taylor. From the get-go I was drawn to her website by her airy and lightness in her shooting. At the event I was impressed by her warm and calm presence and how put together she was. She looked part of the party and dressed the part! From events to weddings this photographer is based in the DMV area but travels for all occasions. Read on to understand her journey to becoming a professional photographer.

1. Hannah, it was such a pleasure working with you at our April 8th Ann Taylor Event in DC. What spurred your passion for photography? 

I first picked up a camera when I was seven years old and immediately started taking photos of everything I could find. I absolutely fell in love. Over the years I bought my first DSLR camera and started making my friends “pose and model” for me. One thing led to the next and nine years into a business I think I picked the right path. 🙂

2. On Your website, Hannah Lane Photography, your style is very ethereal and magical. How did you cultivate your style and do you have a particular type of event you prefer shooting? 

A lot of my style comes from my upbringing. I was born and raised in beautiful Charleston, SC. Because of this, I have a strong southern influence with lots of light, pastel colors, etc. I also love summer and being in the sun so I think I draw many of my passions into my style of photography. I am a wedding and portrait photographer but one of my favorite things to photograph is an engagement session (with the couple’s wedding coming in a close second). I love being able to get to know the couple in a relaxed environment before the wedding day.

3. Originally from the south, how have you found the transition to the DMV area? How do event needs differ? 

The transition to the DMV was challenging on a personal level but so much fun on a professional level. I have loved getting to photograph new venues and see different styles. I’ve also enjoyed the challenge to see different spots and angles then what most photographers in the area do. I honestly think that “being new to town” has given me the advantage to seek out new spots and be creative with the venues and locations. The difference in venues was interesting to me as well. In Charleston — we have mostly outdoor venues but here, (especially in DC) there are so many stunning indoor venues to choose from as well. I’ve loved seeing the difference in style.

4. What advice do you have to up and coming photographers and starting a photography business? 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to other photographers, networking will be your best friend. Challenge yourself. Constantly shoot. Do free shoots, styled shoots, ask your friends to model, anything you can do become better in your craft as well as start showing the online world what you can do. Making yourself “look” busy, even if you’re not is key. (Don’t tell anyone I told you that) 😉

5. Where do you hope to see your business in the next few years? 

I hope to see my business doing more destination weddings (I love to travel). Having a year completely booked before the next, and challenging myself in ways I haven’t even thought of yet. I love to learn and grow and I hope to continue to push myself to better than the year, month, day before.

For more information on Hannah check out her website Hannah Lane Photography.

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