Knowing Your Options: Putting Your Fertility On Hold (Or Not)

You’ve spent the majority of your adult life trying not to get pregnant yet now as you enter 30+ years old you’re being told that you should start thinking about when you get pregnant. And before you go shack up with your next fling, it’s important to know your options.

Egg Freezing:

The process of extracting eggs from your ovaries and cryogenically freezing them. It’s basically an IVF cycle for yourself at a younger age – you have to inject hormones for around 2 weeks, undergo a procedure to remove the eggs, and they are frozen, waiting until a time that you’re ready. The good news is, your eggs will remain the age at which you froze them.  A 25 year old egg is obviously much younger than a 40 year old egg, which means you are giving yourself more options. This process is costly, averaging at $6k+.

Egg Donation:

Like egg freezing, egg donation is the same procedure. The caveat is that your eggs are being used to help create a baby for someone else, and it’s important to understand the process and the fact that you’re letting go of your genetics to another family.  Not everyone is comfortable with that. Average egg donation compensation can be $10k+ for the healthy candidates between 21 and 30. There are companies like Donor Concierge that help intended parents match with young women who have similar qualities to them.  Gail Sexton Anderson, the founder of the company, told us how hard it is for some couples to find a donor that feels like family to them.

Now imagine you can’t get pregnant and IVF just didn’t work and adoption was another expensive and long journey. This is just what happened to a young ambitious power couple.  They had a fairytale wedding, looking forward to a life together and creating their future family. Our intended mother sadly had to undergo grueling treatment for an aggressive cancer, robbing her of her fertility and her dream of having her own children.

Gail Sexton Anderson, Edm CEO  & Founder of Donor Concierge, says issues like cancer and infertility aren’t usually on the minds of younger women, and she advocates for everyone to have regular fertility check-ups just as they would have their eyes tested, or a regular physical.

“I really feel for this couple”, Gail says, “and they’re typical of many people who we work with but much younger.  This is a couple that values academic and athletic achievement, and a curiosity of life. They love travel, art, and culture. But ultimately, family is their most cherished attribute and having a child of their own, their ultimate desire.”

Unusually for many couples turning to egg donation, this couple has a desire to also give back to their donor, both financially (they’re offering $30k) and by covering the cost of preserving her own fertility.  So it’s a win-win! Interested? Check out Donor Concierge to find out more.

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