The Ultimate DMV Connector: Meet Alice Hu, Six Degrees Society DC Ambassador

Alice is a get it done lady. From working in China to joining a startup in DC to her curiosity to learn new things, she does it all and knows everyone. Follow along on her instagram and you’ll find Alice trying new restaurants, practicing yoga or traveling the world. Learn more about how our rockstar DC Ambassador does it all.

1. Alice, you are the queen of entrepreneurship. Tell us a bit about BigSpool, CookieCutterKingdom and Shanghai Daily Secret and what inspired them all?

I’m really not! I actually just stumbled upon all these opportunities. So in Shanghai, my friend came to me with the opportunity to start the Shanghai edition of Daily Secret. It seemed like a fun way to get to know the city as the email newsletter featured new restaurants, events, shops, and more in the city. I ended up running it for over two years and when I was finished we had a team of 5 working on the local edition. I’ve met many good friends through Daily Secret! I also loved being able to showcase local businesses. BigSpool was also serendipitous. My friend from high school needed some freelancing help late 2015 and it turned into an incredible opportunity to be a Co-founder at the company. I not only managed the branding of CookieCutterKingdom, but also launched over 30 products for other brands. We’ve been able to be a great resource for people looking for unique gifts! Some of our most popular products are plastic cookie cutters, wooden keychains, and leather koozies. All of our products are made or finished in the United States! All of these opportunities came about because of a need in the market!

2. You heard about Six Degrees Society through a cookie cutter client who did an event with us, what’s been your most successful Instagram connection?

Yes, I did! I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Marisol of @tinykitchentreats co-hosting an event with Six Degrees Society. I read a little bit more about the company and knew we need something like it in D.C.! The rest is history 🙂 I actually like my connection with Emily the best! We’ve been able to build something really special in D.C.

3. What inspired you to get involved with Six Degrees Society and why do you think DC needs it?

We started the DC chapter before the whole new wave of the feminist movement. DC tends to get things much later than other markets and I knew we needed SDS in DC! Especially something as unique as women focused AND curated networking. It is so thoughtful to have someone (Emily) make all the matches for each and every attendee. There is a growing community of creatives (artists, entrepreneurs, fashionistas, food & beverage), they’ve really found a home with SDS where we welcome everyone and focus on what’s often overlooked in D.C. People have definitely told me how much they appreciate fun, creative events in a serious city.

4. What are you most looking forward to being the ambassador to DC? What’s been the most reporting part so far?

Making great connections and eliminating the awkwardness of networking. I actually hate going to typical networking events now. Have you ever noticed that no one actually wants to meet new people and they just stick with the people they came with? What’s the point of that! I love being able to connect people to one another in a meaningful way.

5. In addition to living in DC you’ve lived abroad, what tips do you have to those who move abroad and then come back?

I loved my five years abroad in Shanghai!! Everyone says that coming back is harder than moving to a foreign country. This is very true. The longer your’re away, the harder it is to reinsert yourself into your old life. Friendships change even though you want to pick-up where you left off. Everyday routines need to be adjusted. Letting go of expectations is very helpful. It’s a mantra I really think one should live by. Stop thinking about how things should be and realize things for what they are. When I came back to the US, I definitely had an idea how how my life should be and it actually turned out quite differently. Reach out to friends who are going through the same transition or have moved back. They will be a big help! Having a routine is also very helpful. I always workout no matter where I am and it has always helped to center myself. Your thing could be keeping a journal, meditating, or something more artistic like drawing.

Alice Hu launched the Six Degrees Society DC chapter in the fall of 2016 after being away from the nation’s capital for almost 10 years. Since the launch, she’s been bringing DC creatives together at events such as terrarium making and learning about fashion and sustainability. When Alice isn’t planning new events for DC members, she’s looking for new happy hours and Asian inspired restuarants. She is very involved in the local start-up community and is an aspiring yogi. Connect with Alice to learn more about the Washington, D.C. chapter! You can find her on Instagram at @alicehu and alice@sixdegreesociety.com.

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