6 TV Shows You Should Binge Watch This Summer 2018

Summer brings great joys like 3 day weekends, summer Fridays and vacation! Here is our roundup of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix and Hulu this summer! Now cozy up with some snacks, you will need them for non-stop watching.

Our Guide To 6 Shows You Should Binge Watch This Summer 2018

A mixture of Suspense, Comedy, and Drama! 

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu): The second season of this dystopian show based on Margaret Atwood’s 1980s best seller is 6 episodes in, get watching! The show follows the story of Offred (or Of Fred, the commander she belongs), a Handmaid living in Gilead– a place without women’s rights, and a falling birth-rate. Get ready to be amazed by the cinematography, enjoy the music and cry about humanity.

Jane The Virgin (CW & Netflix): The 4th season of this American telenovela just dropped on Netflix. You have 4 seasons to binge as you enjoy the ups and downs of Jane Villanueva’s accidental artificial insemination, her romance(s), her tight-knit family. Season 5 is reported to return January 2019. We have so many questions.

The Good Place (NBC & Hulu & Netflix): These 30-minute episodes should only take up half your day. With 2 seasons down, this show starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson starts off with Kristen’s character accidentally landing in Heaven or the “Good Place” when she’s really destined for “The Bad Place”. But is The Good Place really what it says it is?

The Arrangement (E!): “Loosely” based on the Tom-Kat relationship shadowed by Scientology. This show follows the relationship of Hollywood’s hottest star and his relationship with his fiancee and his loyalty to a Scientology like place called the Institute of The Higher Mind.

The Imposters (Bravo & Netflix): This two season series follows a trio of exes that have been jilted by the same woman— the only catch is that she played a different person with each of them. After being robbed of everything they own, they make it their quest to find out who their wife really is.

Younger (TV Land): With season 5 starting June 5th we get reunited with Liza and friends as she straddles living in the 26 year old world and keeping the secret in her 40 year old world. Plus she has to choose between all of her love interests.

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