The 5 Most Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Co-working Space

Not sure what co-working space is home? Consider these five important factors to evaluate before you commit long term.

Working with coworking and productivity app, Croissant, I find that exploring new coworking spaces and options is a fun part of my of day-to-day. I even like to break up my week with different coworking spaces around the city, because each one has its own community and vibe.

Here are a few considerations that I think make a great coworking space.

Private vs. Public Spaces:

For private areas, I usually mean phone booths or areas that might be more conducive to making a call or taking a quick client meeting. Depending on my day, I usually just need a good spot and an outlet to get work done, but when I have phone calls, need to video chat someone, or maybe take a lunch break to myself, I like to know that there’s a good spot in my coworking space for those moments.

It’s important because it lets me break up my work day without worry— ie: I do not have to worry about where to go when I have to jump on a call last minute. It also polices the people in the space to be more considerate. If you’re in a communal area where everyone’s tapping away on their laptops, you might want a nice nook, phone booth, or even a conference room I can book to meet with a client.


I love spaces that have different seating to choose from. Coming from working in a traditional 9 to 5 in an office environment, I always found myself needing to mix up my day by sitting in the kitchen, or my desk, or on the floor near my desk— I think in odd places, okay— to keep my day interesting. I always look for coworking spaces that have different options of seats, like a quiet area for focusing, a lounge area for meeting with potential partners, or a kitchen area where we can chat with others in the space without bothering anyone.

Fun Factors:

It’s not necessary but I always feel like fun elements can really add to the personality to the space. Maybe there are colorful murals on the walls, or a nap room, or an onsite cafe. I’ve seen walls covered in jars of snacks, a yoga studio, and a recording studio in different spaces, and I always think it makes it that more inviting and gets people pumped to start working there.

A Great Community Manager:

Whatever the space’s floor plan or fun factors, I think that a great community manager can make a difference. They’re the ones who can make each member feel supported and comfortable in the environment, and they attend to everyone’s needs and keep the peace of the space, so to speak.

All of those fun, interesting events and happy hours that happen in the space are run by the community manager too. So if you have ideas, they’re always open.

Finding the right co-working space that works best for you can really take your business and focus to the next level. Just see what settings you work best in and get to coworking!

By: Georgette Eva, she is the Community & Events Manager of Croissant, the app that gives access to coworking spaces on demand and makes the world your office.

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