Your Next Door Real Estate Mogul: Meet Danielle Nazinitsky, Founder of Soho Strut

Have you ever been in a neighborhood and admired how clean it felt? Well in Soho you can thank Soho Strut. Soho Strut helps maintain the order of a neighborhood, hire the individuals to maintain it and the trash cans that we all take for granted. Meet Danielle Nazinitsky, Founder of Soho Strut and a Corcoran Realtor.

 1. You’re the force behind Soho’s beloved Soho Strut. Tell us what inspired the creation of Soho Strut and how what it is?

I moved to Soho in 2010 and felt intimidated with how cool and hip it was…I didn’t know where to get dinner or where to get my laundry done.  Over the next two years, I explored the area and decided to start a blog about what was happening in the neighborhood! I would always STRUT up down Sullivan Street (like I OWNED it!) which is where I lived so when I thought of a blog name, I thought SOHO STRUT.  I felt like there was a need to make a community a common thought and between May 2013-November 2014 I blogged but after November 2014 I started organizing various events in the area. I have organized fundraisers and art events and social rooftop parties, as well as an almost monthly networking event for retail managers in the area.

2. In addition to running Soho Strut you’re selling NYC apartments left and right, how did you get your start in real estate and do you have a favorite neighborhood (beyond Soho)?

After falling in love with Sullivan Street, I ended up purchasing an apartment in 2012.  I had the money and the job stability and I couldn’t find an agent I connected with, who treated me more than just a dollar ($) sign.  I ended up buying an apartment without an agent to represent me and after living in my new apartment for a few months I realized the importance of a buyers agent…someone to represent me in my purchase.  Over the next few years of living in my co-op, I realized that I wanted to help other first time home buyers so started taking my real estate license and a journey to transition from my accounting job to real estate!

My favorite neighborhood right now is basically anything in Brooklyn.  I think there is tremendous long-term appreciation value especially in the Condo market in Brooklyn.  With the L train shutting down, I think buyers have a great opportunity there. DUMBO is also fantastic but there are very few properties for sale and buyers snatch them up pretty quickly.

3. Renting/buying real estate in NYC is very much like the Hunger Games. Do you have any tips on the best ways to find an apartment in NYC?

People think the job of a real estate agent is to send listings but that’s what Streeteasy is for.  While I do send listings to my clients, I add value by researching market value, building financials and helping present a buyer in the best possible position.  Brooklyn is very competitive and typically if a property is very desirable, having a great real estate agent to put you in the best light can ultimately help you win a bidding war or even save a few thousand dollars against another buyer!!

4. What’s been the most insane apartment in NYC and do you have a dream apartment?

I like “almost attainable” properties!  My current favorite apartment is 115 Allen Street #PENTHOUSE.  I love the multiple levels and outdoor space! I would kill to live there for a year!



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