Non-Toxic as Sunday Morning: Meet Amy Ling Lin, Founder of sundays Nail Studio

sundays_nail salon_founder

Imagine a luxurious place that felt like home but was way better. Welcome to sundays studio. This non-toxic nail studio feels like it’s better than your dream home. When you walk in you’re offered soothing tea, an area to meditate and the whole place is so instagramable that you won’t be able to stop showing it off to your followers. Meet Amy Ling Lin who created this Flatiron Manhattan nail salon oasis and is expanding their offerings to great collaborations like Saks and partnering with mindful brands like Sakara Life.

1. Your salon sundays is beautiful, it also happens to be one of the most relaxing days of the week— what inspired you to name your nail salon sundays? I wanted sundays studio to feel like a relaxed sunday afternoon. People always say ‘easy like sunday morning’ and I wanted to create something simple and easy too, so it seemed like the perfect fit. I’m very interested in people’s own sunday routine, it’s usually a day of self-care, and that’s really interesting to me.

2. With on-demand beauty being all the rage, what prompted the creation of a nail studio that holistically pampers the individual? Before I launched sundays, I was very interested in offering on-demand services. Once I started talking to people, clients, moms, I realized people want to visit the salon – it’s something very important to them. It’s self-care. It’s a ritual. To get out of your house and do something nice for yourself. Of course, there is a value of on-demand services for time-pressed busy people, but we want to provide people with a more special and social experience.

3. You won’t see Essie or OPI at Sundays, how do you source the products you use and how are they different? We believe in non-toxic nail care, so we developed our own range of superior quality, 10-free non-toxic polishes. The difference is, we know every ingredient that goes into our product so we can provide a professional-quality service, that won’t damage your health. We also have a much more limited range of polishes, because I find people actually want less choice, not more.

4. Where do you find your employees and what makes them special? Most of the sundays team are found mainly by referral, so those who have been in the business before. I also find a lot of amazing team members online! What makes them special is their own personalities and personal story. They’re all individuals, and we give them the individual training they need to be their best.

5. As a relatively new business what have been some of your most exciting collaborations and what are you looking forward to in 2018? We’ve had a lot of exciting collaborations. Saks Fifth Avenue is definitely one, it’s so interesting as a young brand to work with such impressive and iconic heritage brands. Also upcoming we have a collaboration with Sakara Life, and we love what they do and strive for. It’s cool to partner with likeminded and inspirational people. We learn a lot from all our collaborations.

For more information on sunday studio check out their website and follow them on instagram!

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