Fitness Meets Fashion: Meet Nicole Tremaglio, Founder of FitNic

Nicole Tremaglio has an alter  ego and she’s not afraid to tell you about her. As a dancer and fitness lover Nicole has merged her love for fitness and movement with her day job. Not defining herself with one or the other but rather finding passion and connection between both of them.

1. You’re Nicole Tremaglio by day and FitNic NYC by night. Can you tell us a bit about your alter ego and who she is?

I’m a fashion pro moonlighting as a fitness maven! FitNic is the platform that allows me to personally connect with fellow fitness and wellness enthusiasts, studios, and brands. In 2016, I had been attending fitness classes in NYC every day for a year and saw so many people sweat and go without making any kind of connection. I love to walk into a familiar environment, feel acknowledged and welcomed, and pay kindness forward to others. The more I got to know the people in my community – from studio owners to instructors, front desk staff, and the maintenance crew – the more enjoyment I got out of my classes. I started @fitnicnyc on Instagram in 2016 to continue relationships with those I’d met in person at class, and it has evolved quite a bit ever since! In December 2016, I started hosting meetups where members of the community would hang out and discuss their favorite classes. In April 2017, I launched www.fitnicnyc.com as a hub of information for FitNic meetups, workshops, speaking panels, and dance classes. It is so fulfilling to bridge the gap between social media and in-person events to empower, inspire and foster genuine connection.

2. When you’re not working full-time at alice + olivia you are building FitNic. Have you always been a dancer and work out enthusiast?

I have been dancing my entire life and started training classically when I was 5 years old. Classes in tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, modern, and hip hop prepared me for the recitals, competitions, conventions, and master classes that shaped my life until age 18. I was not encouraged to pursue dance as a career, but I started working out for enjoyment in college to satisfy my need for movement. I worked at the school gym and as a Zumba and Step (dating myself there) teacher. When I transferred schools after my sophomore year, I noticed there wasn’t a structured group fitness program – so I created and directed my own! The Zumba class was a massive success on campus, so I started teaching Abs classes as well. Word spread around campus that my classes were fun, so I was approached by the Men’s Baseball and Women’s Rowing teams to design personalized workouts for them. Fast forward to 2015, I had just moved to New York and was taking full advantage of unlimited ClassPass (RIP). The resources that we have in terms of activities diversity and amenities is unparalleled, and I’m grateful to have taken classes at over 100 studios. Now, I balance my schedule with events in addition to classes, and I still dance at least once a week.

3. What does work/life balance mean to you? How do you achieve it without burning yourself out?

I’m all about work-life integration rather than balance. It seems so difficult to find the right balance between work and life – because it is! I realized that I am who I am, whether I’m at the office, at home, or on the dance floor. I am the embodiment of a multi-hyphenate, multi-passionate person, and that can often leave you with the feeling that you’re being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously. I find that making a realistic to-do list and focusing on one task at a time makes the day-to-day workload much more manageable. At work, I assign priority to projects depending on whether they are urgent, important, both, or neither. Then, most important things get done first and nothing falls by the wayside. At home, I make self-care a non-negotiable. I drink about a half gallon of water every day and consistently get about 8 hours of sleep. Having a healthy, active lifestyle gives me the fuel and energy I need to power through any day.

4. Since you’re based in NYC what are your favorite work out/dance classes? Any starting spots for beginners?

I love Barry’s Bootcamp, Fhitting Room, ((305)) Fitness, Sky Ting Yoga, and The Class by Taryn Toomey. My favorite dance teacher is Sarah Burke, so I take her hip hop class each week either at Peridance or Steps on Broadway. My workouts are a balance of strength training and expressive movement. Someone looking to get into dance can explore two different categories: choreography and cardio. For all-levels choreography, I love Killer Moves and Choreo Lounge. ((305)) Fitness and Dancebody offer all levels of dance cardio, and The Dance by Amanda Kloots provides fun repetition so that by the end of class, you’re basically one of Britney’s backup dancers! As much as I love to learn, I also love teaching dance. My class is sexy, empowering street jazz style and it bridges the gap between new dancers looking to have fun and former dancers looking to reignite their passion for movement. The NYC dance industry is extremely competitive, and a class filled with professionals is intimidating. I like to take the pressure off for those who still want to learn but can’t deal with the politics.

5. When you show up for networking events how do you recommend marrying your two worlds together? Do you share both sides of you?

I may focus on one more than the other depending on the background of whom I’m speaking with, but I always share both sides. My Six Degrees Society event, You Are Not Your 9-5, is about embracing your character rather than defining yourself by your job title or salary. Whether I’m matched at a Six Degrees Society event with someone from the fashion or fitness industry, our conversations ultimately come down to the same things – passion, innovation, inspiration, and community. It’s who I am, not just what I do. Networking is less about trading business cards and more about trading insight and sharing the unique qualities you have to offer to this world. I love to chat with like-minded people and dig deeper, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. I’m allergic to small talk. I enjoy nothing more than seeing people’s faces light up when they talk about something they love. Then when I’m speaking and see people’s faces lighten up in the same way, that’s fulfillment. That’s what grants us happiness and the feeling of being enough that we’re all fundamentally looking for.

For more Nicole, check out her website, follow her on instagram and @NicoleTremaglio and check out her Six Degrees Society event on August 7th!

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