July 31, 2018

The Modern Day Wonder Woman: Meet Hope Alcocer, Author of 30 Things Before 30

Hope is more than your typical 30-something. By 30, she’s written two books, founded and rebranded agency and thrives on very little sleep. After a recent move from NYC to Chicago, Hope’s inspiring women in her 20’s and 30’s with her candid perspective of all the pressures associated with transitioning decades.

Hope Alcocer
Hope Alcocer, Author Of 30 Things Before 30
1. You recently turned 30 and wrote your 2nd book called 30 Things before 30.Why did you want to write a book about your 20’s?
I had received so many questions from women in their 20s looking for insight and guidance during this time in their life after my first book came out in 2017.

2. What are you most excited to accomplish in your 30’s?

I would love to find the gig, the contract, the company that can be my “home” into my 40s. I would still love to keep going as an independent contractor and business owner, but I would love to have that one job opportunity that takes me into the next decade of my life. In the “fun” category of my life, I am beginning my coursework as a Pilates instructor next month. I will be so excited to have that completed by 2019 and utilize it to create a wellness space for women maintaining their physical and mental health. Ask me by 35 how I plan on doing that still figuring it all out.

3. In addition to writing books you’re the founder of Wonder Woman Media. What sort of work do you do at Wonder Woman?

I launched this business right out of college eight years ago as HA Studios and then rebranded and relaunched it as Wonder Woman Media this past January, so it has evolved quite a bit! I am a jill-of-all-trades within the digital marketing and media industry – publicity campaigns, content writing, event planning, social media strategy + execution, just to name a few services offered. My main client base is (purposely) female-driven and owned companies/brands as well as the unsigned, female artist. After being in the music industry for the last four years, I have seen the unfair treatment and inequality with female music artists, it is my goal and hope to offer all of the services they would need for releasing their music without signing away their soul that can come with being signed to a label.


4. Welcome to Chicago, after years in NYC you made the move back (mid)west. What are your favorite things about the two cities?

Thanks! I’m still adjusting, and I think I may be adjusting for a little bit here. New York City is my first great love of a city – and it’s hard to forget a first great love and not compare it to everything else, ya know? New York City inspires me to become the best version of myself and constantly grow. It sets my soul on fire and makes me want to never stop achieving more and more. Chicago is where my family and amazing boyfriend are, and it is a cleaner, quieter city that’s half NYC’s size but still has the metropolis vibe and feel that my inner Carrie Bradshaw needs to live. It’s month #2, and I am finally starting to connect with female trailblazers and powerhouses as I begin to form another tribe of female camaraderie.  I will say, though, that I am so much calmer here in Chicago than I am in NYC. There isn’t the daunting pressure to stay on the hamster wheel and grind grind grind. I miss that, but I also welcome the slower pace (most days).


5. What is your superpower?

I don’t need much sleep! I’ll only sleep 4-5 hours (max) per night and be fine and get a ton accomplished. Once a month I do a 12-14 hour night of sleep, and then I’m good to go.


Buy Hope’s book here and learn more about her at Wonder Woman Media.

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