Soho’s Creative New Coworking Space: Meet Vivienne Yang, Founder of VillageOne

VillageOne Space. Courtesy of Vivienne Yang

Soho is known as a mecca for artists, but there wasn’t a central place where creatives could come together. They needed a multi-purpose location to shoot their subjects, as well as sit down and work. Enter VillageOne. This SoHo coworking space caters to artists, providing them resources and a community. Founder Vivienne Yang wants VillageOne to bridge creativity with convenience.

 SDS: VillageOne Space is geared more to the creatives, why did you think NYC needed a creative focused space?

Vivienne Yang: New Yorkers will never run out of coworking options. With a city that’s the capital of fashion, design, and art, there needed to be a workspace full of creative people. They value flexibility as well as being surrounded by like-minded individuals. A one-size-fits-all mindset is simply not what they are looking for.

SDS: VillageOne Space in Soho offers creative studios in addition to co-working space. How did you decide the space needed both elements and do you need to be a member to reserve?

VY: The studio and the coworking space operate separately but can be combined together if needed. Our clients do not need to be members to reserve, but there are perks to being a member. Members get 10% off if they need to use the studio.

Many creative freelancers or small teams need to use a studio. Having it in-house solves the problem of running around the city to get work done. The prime location makes it very easy for them to organize meetings and photo shoots.

SDS: Before you started VillageOne Space you started a company in China and became a TV anchor. What drew you to NYC and what inspired you to create the space? 

Vivienne Yang, founder of VillageOne. Courtesy of Vivienne Yang.

VY: I co-founded China Forest Food five years ago to promote a healthy lifestyle in China. The principles I wanted to introduce of health, beauty and positivity are also aligned with VillageOne. Before I moved to NYC with my husband two years ago, I was a news anchor with Phoenix Satellite TV. I had a wonderful experience telling many beautiful stories, so I decide to start my own story in the most exciting city in the world.

SDS: What is your vision for VillageOne? Do you plan on expanding beyond this location? 

VY: I want to build VillageOne in major creative cities around the world, in places I believe can help our clients grow. One goal is to introduce their works or products in different regions, like Asia. But overall, the core value of VillageOne is aligned with our talented members, not the number of locations we’re going to have.

SDS: What has been the most exciting part of opening your doors less than one month ago? 

VY: Having the chance to meet so many talented, interesting and beautiful people is THE BEST part of my work.

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