These Members Put A Jingle In Their Mingle: Featuring Victoria Rodriguez

By Emily Merrell & Elizabeth Roberts

For the month of December, we’re taking a moment to give the blog over to our members. Some are newbies, some are seasoned: all have a unique story about their time with SDS and the connections they’ve made along the way. We’re so impressed by how they’ve attended events and made friendships that contributed to both their professional and personal lives. If you’re interested in joining our community, which gives access to unlimited events throughout our participating cities, please check out membership options here.

A Note From SDS Founder, Emily Merrell:

Thank goodness for Google working in our favor for that’s how we were introduced to Victoria. From events to retreats, Victoria has been a constant learner and grower within the community. Always arriving with a big smile and positive energy, it’s always a pleasure to see her at events. I can’t wait for you to learn more about her below.

SDS: What do you do and how long have you been a member of SDS?

Victoria Rodriguez, courtesy of Victoria Rodriguez

VICTORIA RODRIGUEZ: I am the founder of The Running Stylist. It’s a styling, running and leadership coaching business aimed at helping individuals discover or re-discover their best selves. I’ve been a SDS member for about a year and a half.

SDS: How did you hear about us?

VR: I did a Google search for women’s networking groups in NYC and (thankfully) Six Degrees Society popped right up.

SDS: What was your favorite event with SDS and why?

VR: I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of amazing events and the past two Six Degrees retreats. The retreats were two of my favorite SDS experiences. It was beyond empowering to be surrounded for a whole weekend by a group of strong and supportive women who understood the ins/outs of business (including all the scary technical elements), are craving to learn all it takes to make their businesses great, and above all want to create change in the world through offering unique products/services through women-run businesses.

SDS: What has membership given you (new connections, skills)? What are you looking to learn?

VR: Membership has given me the opportunity to meet, socialize and learn from likeminded women. NYC can feel super overwhelming, huge, and lonely at times. SDS helps to make it feel more intimate by bringing together amazing people to meet and support each another. I hope to continue expanding my connections, learn from the experiences of other business owners and grow, not only as a business owner, but as a person.

SDS: How have you grown, professionally and/or personally, since you started your SDS membership?

VR: I’ve learned so many ins and outs of entrepreneurship and about other industries. Much of what I’ve learned, I might have never been exposed to and/or would have had to pay a lot more than the cost of a SDS event. Being a member has really helped me come out of my shell in new ways. I’ve connected with amazing and supportive women, I made several friends along the way.

SDS: Who would you recommend SDS to?

VR: Any professional woman who wants to expand her horizons professionally, grow personally and meet amazing and supportive women along the way.  

Visit sixdegreessociety.com to learn about how to make SDS membership work for you, check out an event in your city, and see what we can’t stop reading about.

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