Our Favorite Female Co-working Spaces

By Emily Merrell

Where the ladies at? Kiss frat-tastic co-working spaces goodbye and say hello to chic, palo santo smelling spaces filled with light, love and hustle. What all of these spaces have in common is a collaborative feminine energy transforming the way we used to work. Here’s a roundup of our favorite female co-working spaces across the country.



Imagine a place that is geared to your needs. Want to work out? Do it at Luminary! Want a conference room (meeting room)? They’ve got that too. Interested in a blowout post workout? No worries, Glam & Go is conveniently located within the space as well. Luminary is a space that encourages you to flourish through diverse programming and incredible member perks. It’s just a shame that you can’t technically move in full time.

Location: 1204 Broadway New York, NY 10001

Cost $200-$400/month

San Francisco:

The Assembly

Enter into the Assembly once and you’ll go kicking and screaming back to your cubicle. The building, formerly a church, invites the most invigorating morning light. Women dress in spandex and fashionably occupy wooden tables. Throughout the day, workout classes are packed with women squeezing in their classes mid-afternoon. On beautiful days (hey it’s SF, every day is beautiful) members flock to the outdoor garden complete with a lemon tree.

Location: 449 14th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Cost: $250/month

Los Angeles:

The Riveter

In the hustle and bustle of LA there are two workspace oases. The sprawling spaces at The Riveter offer all the luxurious benefits of a WeWork with the class of a lady. Members can be found hosting meetings in conference rooms or in their personalized offices or outside on the chic outdoor patio.

Location: 2236 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064 and 4505 Glencoe Avenue Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Cost: starting at $99



In winter in Chicago there are very few reasons to leave the house – except EvolveHer makes it easy. The wide open space is collaborative and encouraging with women and men working side by side. The highlight of the space is the stunning wall of art representing inspirational women throughout history.

Location: 358 W. Ontario St. #3W Chicago, IL 60654

Cost: Starting at $100/month

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