How Quitting My Job Jump Started My Dreams, Plus Tips For Your Own Journey!

Revamp Retreats in Ubud, Bali. Courtesy of Kori Zornes.

By Kori Zornes

I never imagined my life would be spent traveling the world, wandering from one beautiful beach town to the next, all while being surrounded by an inspiring community of amazing women! If this sounds like a dream, it is actually – one that I manifested into real life through hard work, trust, and passion.

My name is Kori and I am the founder of Revamp Retreats. We are a yoga and wellness retreat company on a mission to transform lives through adventure, connection, wellness and giving back. Starting with giving Six Degrees Society members a $200 discount on a future trip by using code “sixdegrees”! But before we get into all the good stuff, I’ll return to where my journey started.

Revamp Retreats in Ubud, Bali. Courtesy of Kori Zornes.

I’d like to think I started on a very typical path, one which maybe you can relate to. I was a bit of a people pleaser who got good grades, worked hard to land a great job after college and partied a bit on the side. No one ever told me the end game would be discovering what I was actually passionate about and letting nothing stop me until I achieved it. That part I had to figure out on my own.

Out of college, I moved back to my hometown of Las Vegas and got a corporate job doing marketing and events for restaurants (amazing enough, I still do marketing and events – but now in a way that I love!) One day at work, the uncomfortable questions sunk in: How could this be the rest of my life? How can I do this every day and really feel like I’m making an impact?

That same week, I turned in my resignation and booked a one-way solo trip to Europe. I always had a passion for yoga and I decided it was time to explore it further. I spent a month in Spain getting my yoga certification and from there I ended up in Costa Rica on a wellness retreat with David Wolfe.

Those two trips changed my life. It was an accumulation of things – the people I met, the adventures, the teachings – and for the first time, realizing that I could do and create whatever it was that truly made me happy. After these experiences, I packed my bags and moved straight to Los Angeles. I taught yoga, became a health coach, went on service trips and built my dream life and community.

That was seven years ago! Now I’m fully immersed in everything I’m passionate about. I get to plan retreats in my favorite locations around the world and work with the best teachers, coaches and healers in the wellness space. My company is driven by amazing women who support one another, and best of all, we have fun doing it! It’s truly a dream come true! My favorite part is that I get to provide others with the same experience that changed my life seven years ago.

Revamp Retreats in Ubud, Bali. Courtesy of Kori Zornes.

So now that you know a little of my story, I wanted to share five tips that may help you on your own journey.

  1. TRAVEL.

I can’t tell you enough how much travel has changed my life. Getting out of your comfort zone, being immersed in other cultures, connecting with new people, facing fears, going on adventures, roaming off the beaten path…there is no better way to tap into your inspiration.

  1. FIND YOUR COMMUNITY (especially of women).

One of the biggest factors in launching Revamp Retreats was the number of strong women I had around me to learn from, share ideas with and feel supported by. My business is now driven by a group of amazing BOSS women who push each other forward. Luckily, Six Degrees Society has created an inspiring, supportive community for you! I personally love their events and the women I have learned from and connected with through them.

  1. GET A LOT OF “NO’S”.

One of the most influential lessons my coach taught me is the need to get more “no’s.” If you aren’t getting rejected, then you may not be pushing far enough, asking for enough or getting enough out of your comfort zone. Let the “no’s” feel like little accomplishments!


Before launching my company, I worked with an amazing mentor who taught me a great deal about the retreat industry. Once I created Revamp, I consciously decided to hire an incredible coach and invest in my business long term. The support from these two women pushed me forward to new heights.


One of the most valuable things I can tell you is to find your passion and pursue it fearlessly. That doesn’t mean fear won’t come up because trust me, it will. But when it does, we have the power to move through it and continue on. We must realize our fears aren’t real – they’re just stories we’ve created in our minds. Trust that there is something bigger waiting on the other side.

Revamp Retreats in Ubud, Bali. Courtesy of Kori Zornes.

With all this said, I hope you find something in here that resonates with you because in the end, we are all here to inspire and support one another! I would love for you to connect, join a retreat or simply shoot me a message and say hello! Check out Revamp Retreats or send me a message at kori@revampretreats.com. Because we’re here to help support you on your journey, we also want to offer you $200 off any of our retreats using the code: sixdegrees. 

Revamp Retreats in Ubud, Bali. Courtesy of Kori Zornes.

Kori is an adventurer and biohacker on a mission to change lives through travel and connection. She is the founder of Revamp Retreats, a yoga retreat company changing lives through connection, adventure, wellness and service. When not out wandering the world, she’s in Los Angeles with her two kitties, spending most of her time doing yoga, boxing and being surrounded by an amazing community!

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