April 8, 2019

Why Engaging Is Better Than Thinking

By Izabelle Azevedo

When I was little, I wanted to be a biologist. Or a doctor, producer, singer. At some point, I wanted to have my own line of accessories designed by me (that one is still on my list). But after going from one profession to another, my heart settled for physical therapy. I thought this was going to be my true love and path for the rest of my adult life.

Turns out, moving to another country at 28 forced me to reinvent myself in every single way. I left everything behind (including the passion and promising career in physical therapy) to restart my life here in the U.S. I didn’t know what I was going to do besides babysitting. But the one thing I knew is that engaging is better than thinking. I could be thinking all this time about what I could’ve done, but I decided “to get doing” and figure out as much as I could on-the-go. That took me to having my own business.

Going from employee to business owner, or even from one career path to another, requires courage for sure. Deciding on whether or not to make a career change, especially after 30, can be tough. All that time (and money) you invested to get to where you are. All the things you already know, the network you built, the stocked resume, can lead to one big question:
“Should I leave everything behind to start a new professional path?”

I won’t lie to you, that comfort zone is the one I was never afraid to leave. I call myself an explorer for a reason: I engage. I explore the possibilities. I pay attention to how I feel and I take a look at the big picture. If I enjoy what I’m doing and where I’m going, I keep on.

Izabelle Azevedo, courtesy of Izabelle Azevedo.

When I started my first business in 2015, I just wanted to do something I could enjoy and that could bring me money so I could stop babysitting. Building that business took me to my second one: coaching. In 2016 I invested money, but also a lot of time and energy, to figure out the coaching industry. Although I love coaching, and have heard from clients how much I “was born to be a coach and help people”, I realized that it still wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing. At least, not for a living.

Recognizing that wasn’t easy, but it opened up space for me to listen to myself and think about the things I’ve done, created and wanted. I came to realize that I’m a creative. A type of artist. And that this was the part of me that was actually missing…so I embraced it.

Last October I said yes to an idea. Coaching will always be present, and I’ll keep doing it for sure. But I’m launching my media production boutique, Red Skirt Media, LLC, that will focus on empowering and helping female founders stand out in the crowd and connect with their audience through visual storytelling. While I didn’t go to film school, I have created video content and judged documentaries. Most importantly, I have a creative brain that really wants to make it work. And yes, there’s a lot of fear. But in March I started filming and let me tell you: I can work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week doing this. I won’t, but I could. This is the feeling you should look for when trying to find your next career move.

When I was studying physical therapy, I never thought I’d end up filming people. I never thought being a creative could pay the bills. I never thought of myself as a business owner or a leader. But I’m glad I engaged with all the different professions I had because it brought me clarity. I may not necessarily have a path I’ll be in for the rest of my life, but I know that I won’t stay on the path solely out of familiarity.

Izabelle Azevedo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, content creator, and founder & creative of Red Skirt Media – a media production boutique on a mission to help female founders stand out in the crowd. She’s an explorer of possibilities, aspiring writer, and a girl trying to live an intentional and creative life. She shares her truth and journey on her personal blog, and on her IG @itsmissizabelle.

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