April 22, 2019

3 Benefits Of A Greener Lifestyle

By Jessica Smith

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to give up something crucial for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Simple efforts like using water sparingly, consuming less non-renewable fuels and reducing consumption of electricity will save you money each month and pay it forward for future generations! Our health is also tied to the environment. Below are three ways to improve your eco-friendly lifestyle and reap the benefits.

1.Better Physical and Mental Health

Cars typically use a lot of petroleum fuel so if you can, try to utilize alternative methods! By biking and walking to locations close to you, you’ll exercise different muscle groups. Increasing physical activity also contributes towards stress reduction and the prevention of diseases related to the brain, including depression, Alzheimer’s disease and others. Regular exercise and physical activity increases the production of the hormone serotonin, which can improve your mood and enhance your sense of well-being. After doing your part for the environment, indulge in a glass of high-quality whiskey like the Crown Royal Reserve whiskey.

  1. More Variety In Your Diet

Part of being eco-friendly is trying to consume more food that’s grown organically. Fruits and vegetables labeled “organic” tend to be cultivated using less pesticides or insecticides. Also, try to stay away from processed foods when possible. Processed food items tend to be “engineered for overconsumption” and can lead to various diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Try to purchase organic meat, which isn’t treated with hormones and other chemicals. Growing fruits and veggies in your home or community garden is also a fun way to get fresh food into your diet.  For those in cities with less available space, beans, tomatoes, and vertical vines can be grown in more confined spaces.

  1. Improving Productivity

Whether we’re working at a company or for ourselves, we need to ensure we’re performing at our best. Health (both physical and mental) are important factors contributing to our competence and energy in the activities we commit to. Being with nature and having an eco-friendly lifestyle boosts our health, which has a positive impact on our delivery and can lessen errors. Tesco chocolate biscuits can be a good treat after a job well done!

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