May 8, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend Plans For When You Have None

By Alexa Gavin

Remember back in January when it felt like the longest month ever? So long, in fact, it became a common meme across social media? But now it’s time for Justin Timberlake “it’s gonna be May” memes and “May the Fourth be with you” jokes. I don’t know about you but I happen to really dislike anything to do with winter (unless it is in reference to Game of Thrones) so I am all too

SDS Contributor Alexa Gavin. Courtesy of Alexa Gavin

accepting of these corny memes. It means that summer is almost here! Memorial Day Weekend is only a few short weeks away and if you’re like me and totally blanked on making Memorial Day plans, don’t worry! I’ve shared some ideas to make sure your start of summer is as epic as it should be.

Camping and Hiking Getaway

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our day-to-day and forget it might have been months since we’ve seen any sort of nature or wildlife besides our sad succulents. One of the easiest ways to reset is to get outside. Not just with a walk to your local coffee shop, but outside the confines of your city to a place where there is nothing but you and the birds. It is amazing how relaxing a little time in the great outdoors can be. If you’re like me and you don’t have a car, it’s okay. Believe it or not, almost every city has nature trails and forest preserves that are very easily accessible. There are so many resources available that can help you find the best outdoor adventure for you! Your local REI is a great place for local guides as well as the website All Trails. You can make it a one day adventure or an all weekend getaway. An easy choose-your-own-adventure style trip.

Be A Tourist In Your Own City

In New York City, starting Memorial Day Weekend and every weekend thereafter until Labor Day, New York becomes a proverbial ghost town. It feels like everyone flees to the beach and I imagine that this phenomena happens across many other cities in America. There is good news though! All of the crowds that normally exist on the weekends have left. That brunch place with a two hour wait? It’s only 30 minutes now! That retrospective on your favorite artist? You can actually catch a glimpse of their most famous work without elbowing through crowds. Personally, I know I never take advantage of all the amazing things New York has to offer and maybe this Memorial Day Weekend will be my chance to check some things off my bucket list.

R&R Weekend

If you feel like you’ve done everything there is to do in your city, then this is a great weekend to take a moment for some rest, recovery and self-care. Treat yourself to a massage or facial whether at a salon or at home! Although not a very glamorous way to spend your weekend, it’s a good time to get stuff done. Start off the summer feeling fresh with some Marie Kondo action. Take care of those little things that have been building up, like maybe your plants need to be re- potted or the bathroom could use a scrub. A productive Memorial Day Weekend can help you start your summer in a great headspace!

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