May 15, 2019

How To Have A Holistic Wedding

Lilia Karimi, founder of wedwell. Courtesy of Marcella Laine Photography.

By Lilia Karimi

While weddings should be filled with love and connection, it’s easy to get sidetracked on minuscule details and focusing on the day as a guest experience (rather than your own.) For me, a dream wedding includes mindfulness, intentional preparation and a holistic approach to marriage. Here are my top ways to have a holistic wedding!

  1. Make it about more than just the event.

Make sure the day is focused on your partner by writing some epic vows. Make your vows unique to your relationship and take a personalized intentional vow writing class to help you turn into the romantic writer of the century. Take out the stress of not knowing how to communicate or express the enormous amount of love you feel by working with a professional. They can guide you to write heartfelt vows that will show your fiancé how much they mean to you.

  1. Connect with your fiance pre-wedding.

Get to know your fiancé on a deeper level with Pre-Marital Counseling. This is great for all relationships (not just if you have something specific to work through) and is offered in a secular, heart filled approach so all couples have the opportunity to connect. In the engagement period, there can be so much planning that couples often forget to just enjoy each other and prep for the marriage ahead. Pre-marital counseling helps couples talk about important matters that most people don’t think to plan for: who will be responsible for the finances, what do you envision for your future with kids, family, lifestyle? Or even how much sex you’re expecting to have when you’re much older! (We hope it’s a lot!)

Holistic couples bonding. Courtesy of Lilia Karimi
  1. Incorporate holistic bonding activities.

The bachelorette and wedding festivities can easily be turned into a one-of-a-kind bonding experience. Get your tarot cards read, have an astrology workshop or get the crew to go upside down with a yoga session! You can still have the mimosas, but with an extra side of woo and connection. These activities help everyone learn more about themselves and get everyone to quickly skip the small talk. PS – wedwell’s practitioners are highly vetted, professional, and wonderful, so no need to worry about hearing a bad fortune.

Couples Acro Yoga. Courtesy of Lilia Karimi and Amanda K White Photography.
  1. Get on top of your health.

While marriage is such a transitional time for most of us, health should remain a priority. Get into holistic health with a custom bridal herbalism consultation to figure out which herbs and tinctures to incorporate into your life. Total #plantmagic. Alternatively, work with a private health advisor to help you feel the best. For some emotional health and relief, you can work with an astrologer to get a relationship astrology report for you and your fiancé. If you’re stressing about choosing when to get married, an intuitive astrologer/psychic can also help you choose the most cosmic date for your magical day.

  1. Bring details into your day.

Your whole day can be turned into a holistic dream with little accents here and there. Start the morning with a couple’s meditation or yoga session for your bridal party. Opt for natural whenever you can – i.e. makeup, food ingredients, and flowers. You can even work with a magical ceremony consultant to make the day the most special.

We hope you have the best wedding ever, and can’t wait to see what unique ways you choose to turn your wedding into a wellness dream.

Lilia is a yogini, entrepreneur, and the founder of wedwell – a platform to find and book unique wellness services for your wedding. Want to zen up your wedding festivities? Contact Lilia!


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