June 19, 2019

Multipotentiality: When You’re Good At Too Many Things

By Izabelle Azevedo

It’s a blessing, sometimes a curse, when you’re good at too many things. It can make it more difficult to choose a career path. You end up either feeling lost or changing your mind – a lot. Does this describe you, or perhaps someone you know?

It’s called multipotentiality: when an individual excels in two (or more) fields, having both the skill and passion for a few more things. When you see yourself succeeding as a designer, but also as a nurse and a singer, it’s hard to choose a career. Or even grow at one.

“My issue was, because I like many different things, my decisions didn’t have consistency. And I was always changing my mind about that new path I was pursuing, fearing that it wasn’t the right choice,” says Caroline Mazzochin, a coach for multipotentialites (and a multipotentialite herself).

I can relate to that 110%. When I found out about this multipotentiality world, I literally said, “Omg, I’m not crazy. I’m a multipotentialite.” There’s a reason why it was so hard to answer the question “What are you going to be when you grow up?” I couldn’t choose one single thing. I felt like I was leaving so much behind if I did.

SDS Contributor Izabelle Azevedo. Courtesy of Izabelle Azevedo.

That’s why I say it’s a blessing, but often a curse. With all the awesomeness of being good at different things, you’re like a Swiss Army knife champ – so useful you can be hired to do many different jobs. Or start at least four different businesses.

You adapt easily, you’re passionate, you stand out. Until you don’t, because you’re feeling like jumping to the next thing. If you’re a multipotentialite, you suffer from the “too many choices” disease, and from being misunderstood by your friends and family who think it’s absurd you can’t keep a job for more than a couple years. Or if you’ve changed your major at least five times.

But how can you deal with your multi-passions and multi-talents? How can you help yourself navigate adulthood as a multipotentialite? Although I’m far from being an expert on this topic, things got a lot better for me once I recognized that I do have lots of different skills, interests and passions. And that’s ok. Trying to force myself onto one specific path is denying who I am and trying to fit in. And if you watched Brené Brown on Netflix, you know that fitting in is not a good idea.

I started a self-awareness journey, because the more you know yourself, the more you’re able to recognize what you don’t want and the paths you’re definitely not willing to take. Know your core values and list your passions, skills and interests. Find the intersection among all that. Because it’s not that you won’t have one single path, maybe it’s just that you’re going to have to create the path yourself.

Engage. If I can tell you only one thing, it’s to engage. I actually wrote an article on “Why Engaging Is Better Than Thinking” with a little about my own story. So make sure you check it out and learn how there are many versions of success. There was a time when being successful meant you’d trade your car every other year and have a huge house, as well as a big fat bank account. That changed. More than ever, we have the freedom to decide what success looks like for us, and design our lives around it.

Being good at too many things is definitely an advantage – if we know how to use our gifts right. So do your homework and don’t feel pressured to be normal, because there’s no such thing! And if there is, that kind of life is so damn boring.

Izabelle Azevedo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, content creator, and founder & creative of Red Skirt Media – a media production boutique on a mission to help female founders stand out in the crowd. She’s an explorer of possibilities, aspiring writer, and a girl trying to live an intentional and creative life. She shares her truth and journey on her personal blog, and on her IG @itsmissizabelle.

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