July 3, 2019

How To Throw A Bachelorette Your Friends Will Actually Want To Go To


Yoga with wedwell. Courtesy of Amy Sims Photography.

By Olivia Hadreas

As cult favorite movie Bridesmaids so accurately showed us, bachelorette parties can often end up more trouble than fun!  While bachelorettes come from a place of good intentions (hello bff weekend!), they can end up feeling forced, stressful and expensive. So what’s a gal to do when she wants to plan the best weekend for her bride-to-be? Don’t worry. We, the founders of wedwell, got ya covered! We’re going to help you craft the perfect party and show you it’s possible to bring together multiple friend groups, create a memorable weekend and avoid breaking the bank.


  • Keep the shots: But make them elixirs instead! Incorporating fun and healthy foods will help everyone feel energized throughout the weekend and avoid any #hangry meltdowns (we’ve all been there). We love the idea of having a healthy catered lunch, stocking up on your favorite goodies at the start of the weekend, or even hiring a private chef!


Olivia Hadreas, Co-founder of wedwell. Courtesy of Lilia Karimi.
  • Incorporate bonding activities: The best part about a bachelorette party is getting an amazing group of friends together to connect and love on the bride! You only have a few days to gofrom peer to bff for the bride’s sake, so getting along is key. The best way to do so in a fun way? Getting out of your comfort zone and trying some alternative wellness activities! Wellness activities create a safe space for vulnerability and open up conversations that might not have emerged quickly otherwise. Tarot, astrology, soundbaths, and psychics can help bring everyone together quickly! It’s easy to find the perfect bachelorette package for you with wedwell – a platform helping you create the ultimate wellness-focused bach weekend


  • Plan for your bride: With Pinterest and Instagram, it’s easy to place picture perfect expectations on your weekend. However, the most important thing is making sure the weekend feels authentic to the people attending. Does your bride love nature? Incorporate walks! Not a big drinker? Find alcohol-free options! Love to dance? Find that babe a dancefloor! You’ll walk away from the weekend much more fulfilled if everyone was able to live out their most authentic time.


  • Communicate beforehand: Trust us, it will be much easier to bond if everyone has gotten a chance to chat before the big weekend! We recommend creating a Facebook group or email thread to intro everyone before the party. We like to use the poll feature to align on weekend plans, make regular posts to coordinate flight times and get the inside jokes going as soon as possible!


  • Be Transparent With Budgets: Ask for the attendees’ budgets and provide price ranges beforehand so your friends aren’t surprised. Nothing is worse than being forced to spend something you’re not comfortable with, and then feeling uncomfortable all weekend.


Olivia is a movement instructor, marketing maven, and co-founder of wedwell– a platform to find and book holistic wellness experiences for your wedding. Looking to bring wellness to your big day? Contact Olivia!

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